PSA: You Can Get Dermatological Treatment For Only RM5 At Government Clinics

A Twitter user shared her experience in a recent viral thread.

Cover image via Twitter @Naahatta

Living with acne-prone skin can be a nightmare

Not only is it uncomfortable, it can also seriously affect your self-esteem and confidence.

Sometimes buying the best skincare products to treat it is not enough and requires you to seek medical treatment, which can burn a hole in your wallet.

Fortunately, it seems that there is an alternative solution.

A Twitter user recently shared her experience of getting dermatological treatment at a government clinic for only RM5.

Twitter user @Naahatta tweeted on 25 June that she has only been spending RM5 on dermatological consultation fees and the medication is free.

"I have acne vulgaris, which is long term skin disease, because my acne is all over my body, especially my face," she revealed to SAYS.

She shared before and after photos of her amazing results after the treatment:

"So I went to Klinik Kesihatan Slibin in Perak... I consulted with that doctor for almost seven months, but there was no improvement on my skin. Then the doctor decided to give me a referral letter for a dermatologist in Hospital Permaisuri Bainun," she shared.

According to her, here is how you can get treated for acne or any skin-related problems:

1. Visit a government clinic near you.

2. Tell the clerk that you would like to see the doctor for acne treatment. 

3. Explain to the doctor what kind of skin problems you face and discuss what treatment plan you need. Then follow the treatment plan and medication religiously.

4. If your acne problem persists after six months, visit the doctor again. They may then write you a referral letter to see a specialist at a government hospital.

Take note that you will need the referral letter from the clinic in order to see the specialist.

She also added that it it best to not tell the doctor that your acne is caused by an allergy if you are unsure of its cause.

"Give the doctor as much information as you can and let them decide the cause of your acne," she wrote.

In response to her Twitter thread, another woman shared her personal experience of getting acne treatment from a government clinic

Meanwhile, one netizen revealed that you can also visit a private clinic to get a referral letter – but the consultation fees will cost more

"From my experience, you have two options. Either private or government clinic," she wrote.

"If you go to private clinic for a referral letter to the government hospital, you'll need to pay RM30 for consultation. But if you get a referral letter from a government clinic, you'll only need to pay RM5," the person wrote, according to The Rakyat Post.

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