You Have Till 5 March To Apply For This Job Where You Get Paid To Travel Around Europe

If selected, you get to enjoy an all-expenses-paid trip for 6 months!

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There's one thing everyone wants to do: travel the world

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Although, most of us can't because, no money :/

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But what if you got paid to travel?

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Yes, you read that correctly...

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A company named Busabout is looking for a couple of individuals to go on an all-expenses paid trip across Europe

Busabout is a travel firm and is looking for two people — a brand ambassador and a video producer — to go on a all-expenses-paid journey across Europe this summer.

The company runs a flexible coach network allowing people to hop on and hop off all around the world. It's offering a chance to "experience Europe to its fullest, no catch."

They will cover flights, accommodation, excursions, a daily allowance for food and provide an undisclosed amount to the winners for completing the project, which involves you taking photos, shooting videos and blogging your time away.

The journey starts in April and ends in September, a full 6 months of paid travel. And you have until March 5 to apply.

If selected, these are the places you get paid to visit:

The traveller will be embarking on the trip of a lifetime.

From idyllic strolls along the Seine, visiting ancient castles in the Czech Republic and claiming the top of Europe in the Swiss Alps to sailing the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic coast, island-hopping your way to the most stunning Greek sunset, partying it up in Ibiza and having a stein (or three) at Oktoberfest!

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What you need

You must be over 18.

A valid passport (or visa) for travelling in Europe for at least 180 days.

If it sounds too good to be true, it's not. Although, you will have daily responsibilities and stick to deadlines.

You will be required to deliver briefed content within stipulated deadlines and report regularly to the marketing department, write behind-the-scenes travel updates and blog posts, post to Busabout's social media platforms and adhere to content deadlines.

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You can apply for this dream job here

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