Young Malaysians Share Stories About Teaching Their Parents How To Internet

We don't know whether to cry or laugh.

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Ever had to teach your parents how to use the Internet?

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The Internet has made life easier for all of us, especially with broadband providers like TIME that give us high-speed connectivity in our homes and offices.

Even our parents are become more and more connected, with WhatsApp group chats and their own social media accounts. However, teaching our less tech savvy parents how to use the Internet may come with its own set of challenges.

Here are 7 funny stories of Malaysians teaching their parents how to Internet:

1. "My dad only has one password, but he somehow manages to forget it all the time" - Nicholas, 26

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2. "My parents have SO MANY devices and they don't really know how to use any of them..." - JH, 30

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“Together my parents have three smartphones, two laptops, and four tablets. They also have a smart TV but only watch TV3. Why why whyyyy??? They don't use apps, my dad refuses to use social media, but both are constantly staring at a screen.

The #1 reason why they call me is because the Internet at home is crazy slow. Like obviously lah, there are half a million devices connected to it. Instead of disconnecting some devices or upgrading their Internet, my dad will move the router to the room he's in and call me to explain step-by-step how to reconnect it.”

3. "My grandma insisted on wanting to have her name appear in every WhatsApp chat group" - Ashley, 24

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"My grandma is in ALOOOOT of WhatsApp group chats, and asked me why when she sends a message, she appears as 'Me', while others have their name there.

I'm like, "No, grandma you appear as 'Me' because obviously you know it's you who sent the message." But she insisted on having her name in every chat group because she said, "Ya, but if other people see 'Me' they won't know who I am."

And when the Internet is down or connection gets lost in certain 'dead zones' in the house, it's like the end of the world haha."

4. "My dad is constantly calling me to 'fix the Google' while I'm at work" - Amin, 34

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Dad: "Tell me how to fix the Google."
Me: "What happened?"
Dad: "I cannot open the Google."
Me: "What do you see on the screen?"
Dad: "The circle circle thing."

An eternity later of back and forth...

Dad: "Oh it's working. It's just slow."

5. "My dad got a new smartphone and kept trying to connect to the Internet using Bluetooth" - Azizah, 33

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"I told my dad to leave the smartphone alone until I came back on the weekend to help him set it up. But of course he was excited to try, right? 

We spent like 30 minutes talking on the phone, with me trying to explain how to connect Wi-Fi. My dad was frustrated, I was frustrated, he was convinced he got "scammed." Then I realised this whole time he was actually pressing Bluetooth. Lol."

6. "I had to do a complete step-by-step guide to help my mum change from Netflix to Astro on the TV" - Darian, 28

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"Yesterday, my mum sent me a photo of the Netflix home screen and asked me how to off it 'cause she wanna watch Astro. I said click the Netflix button on the TV remote, but she sent me a pic of the Astro remote and asked which one. I said not the Astro remote, but the TV remote, then she sent me the home screen of Netflix again.

So I had to Google a source button image to show her which button to press to switch to Astro. Then she sent another picture prompting her to exit Netflix. She asked how to press 'Yes'. I had to tell her to use the arrow on the remote and click enter. And she sent another pic of the remote and asked where the arrow and enter button was.

All is well now and balance is restored."

7. "I once had to take a half-day leave just to go home and restart the router so my mum could watch her K-drama" - YS, 25

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It's always a joy when our parents finally understand how to use the Internet (or at least parts of it)

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