Your Memory Of Maggi Will Never Be The Same As Your Children's

It may have grown to be a little more sophisticated, but it still has that homegrown innocence we know and love.

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Most, if not all Malaysians, grew up with Maggi mee as if it were a good childhood friend. But our memories of Maggi will never be the same as our children's.

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We grew up with simple favourites like Kari, Ayam and Assam Laksa

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Now, a more elegant Maggi Royale series fill the shelves, bringing exotic flavours into our kitchens

Maggi Royale first debuted with the Penang Seafood Curry flavour, just in time to fulfill our thirst and curiousity for white curry

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Those who tried it was surprised by how far Maggi has come. Its noodles were thicker and springier. For the first time, its chilli paste was made of real toasted belacan.

What's different about the Maggi Royale Seafood Curry noodles is in the packet of chili paste that gave it an extra punch. The chili paste is the secret behind any curry noodle dish, it is what gives the rich seafood broth the extra zing, thus ensuring the smooth milky richness from coconut milk or in the case of instant noodles, non-dairy creamer, is not too cloying. The chili paste included in Maggi Royale's curry noodles is a combination of real toasted belacan and sautéed fragrant chillies and spices. Yes, real roasted belacan. Just the aroma of that is enough to get your saliva flowing!

The taste was surprisingly good coming from something 'instant'. The noodles were more springy and the laksa broth was unbelievably rich, with a delicious 'almost-like' santan flavour, and just enough spiciness from the superior seafood chilli paste (cooked, not powdered) made with toasted belacan.

The noodles are very good – wider than Maggi’s normal gauge and they do indeed have a springiness with a touch of crumble when munched. The broth has a nice creamy seafood curry taste. It’s got a nice and relatively strong and spicy taste. Very well rounded and tasty – worth trying! 4.5 out of 5.0 stars.

From the streets of Penang to the streets of Korea, Maggi Royale then went international with the Spicy Braised Beef flavour

The beef broth was a hit amongst fans of Korean food and those who love spicy food

Fans of Korean ramyun are going to love this. When instant noodles or ramyun were first introduced into Korea in the 1960s, people did not go for the light chicken flavour being more used to robust beefy tastes. Since then, a successful ramyun has to have hearty and spicy flavours. Maggi Royale's Korean Spicy Braised Beef has a real kick to it. My spice-loving friend May made hers with less water so the broth became stronger. Just the way she liked it.

If you cook it the way you cook with any other Maggi instant noodle, it’s definitely tasty enough. The Korean Spicy Braised Beef seasoning mix gives the broth an unmistakeably beefy flavour with a good saltiness that plays well with other ingredients. The spiciness was just at the right level: spicy enough that Malaysians will immediately take to it, but not too spicy as to set your mouth on fire. The noodles are noticeably different than the regular ones. They’re larger and definitely have a firmer, springier texture.

The taste was fantastic. It was spicy and the noodle was slightly bigger. Reminder to all that should you try this you must add some more water in order to reduce spicy soup.

Maggi has also grown to be so versatile, it has escaped the constraints of a bowl - we never thought it would come to this!

First off, boil 2 packs of noodles with dehydrated vegetables in plain boiling water. Drain off the liquid, cool it, and crack one egg with some of the seasoning powder into it. Mix it well. Heat some oil in a non-stick pan and cook half the noodles in it.

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We used a cookie cutter to make the bun shapes. Press down firmly so it shapes up well and let it cook on a low fire for 3 – 4 minutes each side until golden brown. Repeat the process to make the other ‘bun’.

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Season the sirloin steak with the Korean Spicy Braised Beef seasoning powder and sear it on high heat for 2 minutes each side. Remove. Let it rest for 5 minutes. Slice it thin.

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To serve, place some lettuce, kimchi, seared steak, mayonnaise and cover with the top bun. And of course we went over the top and put a fried egg on it too.

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The Maggi Royale noodles made an absolutely delicious and satisfying burger! (We were kinda surprised!) The buns were springy and tasty and the seasoning works wonders with the seared steak. Definitely one of the best ramen burgers ever.

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Make your own Korean spicy beef ramen steak burger here.

As we grow older, Maggi is maturing together with us. It's a little bit richer, and a little more sophisticated now. It travelled overseas and came back to share its experience with us.

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It may have transformed its dressing style to be more cosmopolitan, but it still retains its homegrown innocence that we all love

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Who knows what else Maggi has in store for us as we grow old together?

Was Maggi a part of your childhood?

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