7 Worst Ways Malaysians Are Overworking Their Eyes Every Day

Your eyes need a break too.

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Did you know that eye drops are a common household item in Japan? It may sound odd, but Japanese people actually use eye drops about every hour or so, like how we would apply lip balm to dry lips.

The difference could be due to the level of education on eye care (they even have a 'Dry Eye Society'!), but eye drops are pretty much a must-have lifestyle item for Japanese people. You'd most likely find a bottle in their bag next to their phone compartment.

Eye drops from Japan are also known to be in a league of their own, having a wide range of intensities, 'flavours', and functionalities.

Eye drops are a popular must-buy item for tourists in Japan.

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Us Malaysians could definitely stand to gain from picking up this habit of constantly using eye drops, especially since we strain our eyes every day doing the following things:

1. Staring at the computer screen at work all day, every day

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Sure we all know that prolonged staring at screens isn't good for our eyes, but did you know that it's actually akin to a gym workout for your eyes? So between using the computer at work all day and being glued to our phones almost 24/7, we're actually forcing our eyes to "exercise" for way longer than they should be.

Why it's bad: This results in computer vision syndrome (CVS); the symptoms include blurred and/or double vision as well as dry, irritated and red eyes.

2. The simplest of activities like reading, writing and driving

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Why it's bad: Basically, doing anything that requires prolonged and intense use of your eyes will cause eye fatigue. It's these 3 activities (reading, writing and driving) that are the biggest culprits of inducing this. We're not saying to stop doing them completely, but just make sure to not focus on it for too long and take breaks to give your eyes time to naturally refresh.

3. If you're on your phone with the lights off, every night, before you sleep

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We're all guilty of doing it, but you may want to re-think your nightly ritual of using your phone in bed before you sleep. Especially if you're one of those that puts your phone super close to your face when you're using it.

The effects of the high energy visible (HEV) light or blue light that our phones emit are already bad enough during the day and in well-lit situations; they only get worse in dim light.

Why it's bad: Direct glare for over 30 minutes in dim light can lead to irreversible macular degeneration which in turn causes a rapid deterioration of vision. A condition known as transient smartphone "blindness" has also been reported in some cases where people have found themselves going temporarily blind in one eye.

4. Dealing with day/night time glare

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This is often a problem faced while driving, usually caused by either bright rays of sun during the day or the glaring headlights of cars coming from the opposite direction. Both are equally blinding, and equally damaging.

Why it's bad: Besides causing degenerative vision in the long-run, it could also lead to accidents due to the temporary loss of vision caused by the glare.

5. Foregoing good rest by staying up and sleeping late

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Whether you're pulling an all-nighter to prep for an important meeting or staying up to binge watch your latest Netflix addiction, you're depriving your eyes of the chance to refresh with essential nutrients that are important contributors to your overall eye health.

Why it's bad: Continuous lack of sleep will cause tired eyes and repeated eye irritation as well as eye spasms known as myokymia (popped eye vessels that result in a "bloody eye" look).

6. Being exposed to air-conditioning all day long

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With how hot it can get here, it's no wonder that us Malaysians can't live without our precious air-cond. Though cooling, air-conditioning also sucks moisture out of the air, leaving it dry, which is bad news for those of us who spend all day in air-conditioned rooms.

Why it's bad: Red and itchy eyes are a common effect of this. It particularly affects those who wear contact lenses or have pre-existing eye conditions.

7. Constantly rubbing your eyes

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Our first instinct whenever we're tired or feel like there's something in our eye is to rub it. But this simple motion can cause serious damage to our eyes in a few different ways.

Why it's bad: Not only does it cause the tiny blood vessels to break (resulting in blood-shot eyes), it also could cause scratching and thinning of the cornea, both of which may eventually lead to serious eye conditions.

Which one do you do most? Let us know in the comments below.

Most Malaysians don't particularly have the habit of using eye drops on a daily basis, but it's a great way of bringing relief to tired eyes or even just to refresh your eyes and flush out bacteria/foreign substances

So we should really stop with the assumption that eye drops are a last resort, only to be used when we really cannot tahan anymore, and pick up the Japanese norm of using eye drops periodically every day. Eye drops aren't a form of medication guys. You can and should be using them whenever you want.

Earlier this year, Rohto, the world's most popular eye drop brand and a household name in Japan, finally made its way to Malaysia

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The revolutionary Rohto Cool Eye Drops from Japan is the first and only eye drop in Malaysia with a unique level 5 cooling sensation that can be used for both contact lens and non-contact lens users.

Rohto is listed in the Guinness World Book of Records as the world's #1 eye care brand

How is it different?

Rohto's uniquely cool solution to dry and tired eyes will help you to:
- Feel immediate relief.
- Enjoy the unique cooling sensation that helps your eyes produce more tears to naturally combat dryness and add moisture.
- Analyse the purity and clarity of the eye drops through the transparent packaging, allowing you to be sure the product has not turned cloudy.

There's no other brand like it on the market, making Rohto worthy of its Guinness World Book of Records certification as the world's #1 eye care brand.

Image via Syafiqah Hashim

Wanna try it out?

Sign up here to potentially be one of the lucky 50 customers chosen to receive a full-sized bottle of Rohto Cool Eye drops as part of their free trial

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