"Everyone In Malaysia Is So Jealous Of Me" – British YouTuber Buys A 28YO Proton Saga

The air conditioner is still working after almost three decades!

Cover image via @FD_Tweets (Twitter) & idriveaclassic (YouTube)

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Everybody appreciates a Proton Saga nowadays due to its rarity, historical value, and the sentimental value Malaysians have for it.

Who knew the sentiment also extends to the people in the UK!

On Sunday, 12 September, two YouTubers in the UK shared their joy with the world after one of them purchased a 28-year-old Proton Saga that has been sitting in the shadows for over a decade

In a 25-minute long video uploaded over the weekend, YouTuber and classic car enthusiast Matt from furiousdriving features an old Proton Saga on his channel.

The surprising factor of the vehicle is not just its age, but also its pristine condition thanks to the previous owner's great care for it.

Matt is all smiles as he inspects the vehicle that only has a mileage of 10,000 miles.

"It is like a new car from 20 years ago," he said, as he gets into the vehicle and inspects the fabric of the seats.

"I am told, the gentleman who owned this car, only drove it very sparingly and SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) it in 2010," he said, adding the year was "the last time it moved".

Matt also introduced the Proton Saga to his viewers, sharing his knowledge that the vehicle was built strong — which he said is a selling point — and that it was the default taxi cab in Malaysia.

The buyer of the vehicle is Steph, who is also a classic car enthusiast and runs a YouTube channel called idriveaclassic

In the video, both of them meet in front of the garage to review and do a proper inspection of the vehicle.

To their frustration as well as amazement, not only is the vehicle in pristine condition in terms of exterior and interior looks, the engine fires up as soon as its decade-old battery is switched.

They expected more of a challenge for their 'barn find' adventure.

"I am genuinely disappointed that this wasn't a more challenging startup video, but at the same time, extremely relieved the car is as good as it actually is," said Matt.

While Steph cheekily said in her video that, "It simply ticks all the boxes, suspicious."

In their videos, the Saga proves that it is not dead by igniting smoothly — twice — without needing to change its spark plug.

The windscreen wipers are in good condition as they have not been under sunlight for the past 10 years. The windscreen washer jet is working, and most importantly, the air conditioner is working.

Both Matt and Steph are jubilant throughout the video, praising the previous owner who took such great care of this "piece of history".

Matt (left) and Steph talking in front of the Proton Saga.

Image via idriveaclassic (YouTube)

Matt, who became the first person to drive the car in a decade, said the Saga is revving with decade-old petrol

They also test the honk, which screeches nicely, and the turn signals work after changing the bulbs.

Steph is so satisfied with her purchase and said, "Everyone in Malaysia is so jealous of me."

She also said she and Matt have "won the Internet today" all thanks to the lovely Saga.

At the time of writing, both videos have garnered over 100,000 views. Most netizens who commented on the videos are believed to be from Europe.

A few of them are believed to be Malaysians.

Comments found under furiousdriving's YouTube video.

Image via YouTube

Comments found under idriveaclassic's YouTube video.

Image via YouTube

In the coming days, Steph will have the Saga inspected by the UK's Ministry of Transport (MOT) and have its tires changed, among other things

She will update the progress on her YouTube channel, which you can subscribe to here.

Below is the video of Matt reviewing the vehicle with Steph:

People in Europe are no strangers to Proton vehicles:

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