[VIDEO] Zaidi And Nandini Get Raya Gifts For Each Other

"This is so EXPENSIVE you know!?"

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With Hari Raya coming real soon, Nandini wanted to get Zaidi something special to prepare for the festivities

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And so, she secretly planned to get shoes for Zaidi

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As soon as Zaidi heard about Nandini's plan, he knew exactly what to get for her in return

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They got the help of two personal shoppers from ShopandBox to buy each other stuff from the US and Korea!

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And when their gifts arrived, Zaidi was over the moon with his new shoes

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While Nandini (and Zaidi :P) got excited over her make-up and soooo many other things he got her

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Check out the full video here:

Thanks to ShopandBox, Zaidi and Nandini both had USD 200 to shop for their Raya gifts for each other!

For a closer look at what Zaidi and Nandini got for each other, here's a link to their shopping list.

For more information on ShopandBox, click here.

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