10 Breakfast Struggles We All Hate To Go Through Especially When We’re Starving

The struggle has never been this real.

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1. When you wanna have a bowl of cereal but the milk is spoiled

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So has your mood for the entire day.

2. Ordering telur separuh masak but getting hard-boiled eggs instead, or worse... UNCOOKED EGGS


3. Getting an on-the-go breakfast sandwich from a convenience store, but the isi is so sikit!

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4. Failing to make the simplest of all noob-proof recipes... scrambled eggs

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5. Burning your toast after accidentally setting your toaster heat on high

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6. All the times you had to eat sad cold sandwiches

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7. Opening a pack of nasi lemak only to find a quarter of a quarter of a hard-boiled egg... sometimes none at all

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8. When everyone else's orders has arrived except for yours

And you were the hungriest of them all. #sadlyfe

9. Don't even get us started on the struggle of opening this plastic triangle sandwich box

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10. Trying to open a tuna can but the tab comes off and you struggle to get it open with various kitchen utensils

Not to mention that canned tuna is always oily, so salty, and just unappetising! 

The struggle is very real and we've all been there.

Tired of the same situation and for a stress-free morning, why not get a freshly made and warm Scrambled Egg Sandwich from McDonald's instead!

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Scrumptious, fluffy scrambled eggs and melted cheese, all tucked between a soft, warm toasted bun. Truly a delicious way to start your day! Top it with a cup of McCafe Coffee for a fulfilling wholesome breakfast.

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Extra hungry? There’s Sausage & Scrambled Egg Sandwich that comes with a juicy and succulent chicken patty. Now, that’s truly flavourful and fulfilling breakfast meal!

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