12 Unique Mooncake Gift Sets From PJ & KL To Make Your Loved Ones Go 'Oooh'

It's that time of the year to enjoy delicious and pretty mooncakes again!

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The Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching (it's on 29 September in case you didn't know) and that means one thing... It's mooncake season!

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During this time of year, families come together and enjoy mooncakes as a traditional symbol of unity. 

If you haven't secured yourself some mooncakes, check out these thoughtfully curated gift boxes with the prettiest mooncakes to impress your loved ones with:

1. Platter People

This delightful collection of Salted-Egg Snowskin Mooncakes sold out really fast last year, but they're back again with improved flavours! The mooncakes are made without preservatives or artificial flavouring, and the colouring is derived from natural ingredients.

These salted egg mooncakes come in an assortment of flavours as listed below:
— Royal Milk Tea
— Purple Sweet Potato
— Pu'er Tea
— Salted Mung Bean
— Belgian Chocolate
— Tiramisu

And just how pretty are the Peranakan wooden boxes used for storing the mooncakes? Available in Royal Yellow, Imperial Turquoise, and Celestial White, they're perfect for gifting or for storing your knick-knacks.

RM258 for a set of six mooncakes.

You can order here.

2. 103 Coffee x TOTEM x Nudge

Talk about aesthetic packaging! If you wanna impress with something different, consider this modern take on the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations — four mind-blowing chocolate flavours in place of classic mooncakes.

The flavours are listed below:
— Moccatine: Velvety dark chocolate coffee from 103 Coffee
— Summer Citrus: Citrus and dark chocolate ganache
— Feulletine Almond: Feulletine and almond paste
— Pistachio Hazelnut: Pistachio nut and hazelnut paste

Their handmade chocolate moon bites come in a set of 12, packed in unique packaging which can be repurposed as a hip lantern or as a decorative display.

RM248 for a set of 12 chocolates (four flavours)

You can place your order with @totem_bake or @pleasenudge.
If you prefer to purchase them in person, you can visit any of @103coffee_official's branches at Chow Kit, Sri Petaling, or APW Bangsar.  

3. Être Patisserie x Kami Design

When a French pastry specialist and a creative studio collaborate, a vibrant Mid-Autumn Festival gift set is born. Crafted in cute shapes and colours and using only high-quality ingredients, the Togetherness mooncake gift set features a selection of classic and modern flavours, as listed below:

— Classic White Lotus with Almonds and Single Yolk
— Longan White Lotus with Dry Longan and Winter Melon
— Gui Hua with Orange Peels
— Spice Baba Nyonya with Single Yolk
— Five Grain Pu'er
— Brown Sugar Gula Melaka White Lotus with Pandan

That's a large variety of mooncake flavours, from sweet & nutty to savoury and slightly spicy Baba Nyonya. These mooncakes have dense fillings that are wonderfully gooey and enveloped in a soft baked velvety crust. Our mouths are watering already!

Of course, these mooncakes are presented in a cabinet adorned with nature-inspired illustrations, making them the ideal Mid-Autumn gift for family and friends this year.

RM159 for six mooncakes flavours

You can order here. 

4. Bow + Ribbons

Omg, just how pretty are these wagashi-style premium baked mooncakes! This Enchanted Moonlight Garden collection makes you feel like you stepped into a mystical moonlight garden blooming with beautiful flowers. These mooncakes come in a variety of delightful floral and tea-infused flavours, as listed below:

— Royale Osmanthus
— Matcha Red Bean Omochi
— Violet Harmony
— Brown Sugar Tea Au Lait

They come in a variety of packaging which you can personalise, making it great for corporate events, clients, and employee appreciation gifts.

RM79 - RM319

You can order here, or purchase at The Food Merchant, Pavilion Bukit Jalil and Ben's Independent Grocer, Publika.

5. Inside Scoop

Artisanal ice cream mooncakes! Need I say more?

These ice cream mooncakes are great for enjoying as a sweet treat, or as a refreshing post-dinner dessert, a perfect way to treat your loved ones while enjoying the rest of the evening together. Ahh, just thinking about it makes me want to run over to the nearest Inside Scoop to purchase a set for my family right now.

Available in four unique flavours:

— Raspberry Pistachio
— Rocher Yuzu
— Mango Coconut
— Durian

Box A - 2-piece ice-cream mooncake box (raspberry pistachio and durian) - RM73
Box B - 2-piece ice-cream mooncake box (rocher yuzu and mango coconut) - RM73
4-piece ice-cream mooncake box - RM135 

Available at all Inside Scoop outlets nationwide, or you can order here.

6. Caketella

Image via Caketella
Image via Caketella
Image via Caketella

Wanna stand out from the crowd? These alcoholic mooncakes from Caketella have got your back. Their mooncakes infused with alcohol are the perfect blend of tradition and modernity that will truly impress your friends this Mid-Autumn Festival.

Each set comes in a unique blend of four flavors as listed below:

— Guinness Draught Gula Malacca
— Roku Gin Sakura Raspberry
— Baileys Valrhona Almond
— Milo Nugget (Alcohol Free)

RM135 for a set of four mooncake flavours

You can order here.


These exquisite and beautifully curated gift sets will be sure to make this Mid-Autumn Festival celebration a cherished one. These mooncake gift boxes include a variety of other gifts as well, from scented teas and dried snacks to beautiful ceramic tableware.

Not only that, they offer hassle-free delivery options, so you don't have to stress about having them delivered to your destination on time.

These mooncakes are available in four different sets.

— Prosperous - RM108 - RM168
— Illuminate - RM208 - RM218
— Glamour - RM 298 - RM378
— Splendour - RM 988 - 1088

You can order here.

8. 365 Patisserie

Image via 365 Patisserie
Image via 365 Patisserie
Image via 365 Patisserie
Image via 365 Patisserie

If you're craving Shanghai-style mooncakes, look no further than 365 Patisserie! These delightful mouthwatering pastries are made with premium ingredients such as Golden Churn Pure Creamery Butter, and are available in the following flavours:

— White Lotus
— Black Sesame
— Yam
— Pandan Lotus
— Red Bean
— Red Dates
— Sambal Shrimp (their new, spicy flavour!)

They're available in multiple sets ranging from two pieces to nine pieces and also come in traditional mooncake options. Your uncles and aunties will truly be impressed!

RM29 - RM155

You can order here.

9. Lachér Patisserie

You can never go wrong with Lachér's pastries. Inspired by their renowned whole cake flavours, the team has created these French-inspired snow skin mooncakes, with rich yet subtly sweet fillings encased in a velvety snow skin boasting a soft and chewy mochi-like mouthfeel.

Their elegant French-Asian mooncakes come in eight flavours:
— Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Praline Snow Skin
— Matcha Red Bean Snow Skin
— Raspberry Snow Skin
— Yuzu Mango Snow Skin
— Purple Sweet Potato Cream Cheese Snow Skin
— Black Sesame Almond Praline Snow Skin
— Pandan Gula Melaka Snow Skin
— Madagascar Vanilla Snow Skin

Fusing modernity and age-old Chinese traditions, their thoughtfully designed minimalist packaging paired with calm, vintage aesthetics makes this an absolutely alluring Mid-Autumn Festival gift.

RM180 for a box of eight mooncake flavours

You can order here.  

10. Zephyrie

Just one word: cuteee!
This is truly a Mid-Autumn Gift that will be enjoyed by everyone of all ages, with two sets to choose from:

LUNAR gift set - RM99
— Two traditional mooncakes (Lotus Seed and Red Bean Paste flavours)
— Two mooncake candles (scents are Mimosa and Citron Champagne)
— One medium Komorebi (botanical wax lantern) with fairy lights
— One fashionable mooncake box with leather handles and a Mid-Autumn-inspired greeting card

TÙ-GATHER gift set - RM128
— Two Shanghai-style mooncakes (Pandan Lotus Paste with Single Yolk and Red Bean Paste with Single Yolk)
— Two mooncake candles (scents are Mimosa and Mandarin Citrus)
— A tube of Chinese tea
— A reusable rabbit packaging which doubles as a lantern

To elevate the Mid-Autumn Festival's spirit of giving, you would also be making an impact and giving back to the refugee and local community with every purchase. These items are homemade by the team from PichaEats and 7tea1, an organisation that provides a safe, inclusive, and non-discriminatory platform for the differently-abled, marginalised, and refugee communities.

No matter which set you choose to purchase, they're a wonderful opportunity to do good while reliving childhood nostalgia and lighting up the Mid-Autumn vibes.

You can order here.

11. My Little Gift

These mooncakes come in meticulously crafted sets of vibrant orange gift boxes which exude a warm, bright, and cheerful ambience, making it the perfect gift for the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration!

Choose from a variety of options, such as a stunning acrylic gift box or a versatile cosmetic storage box with drawers. Each gift set will have your loved ones going "Oooh"  to a treasure trove of delights.

As always, the best part about gifting is adding a personal touch to make it extra thoughtful. Some of these gift sets include customisable wooden cups and coasters to let your loved ones know that you're thinking of them as they are sipping tea while enjoying the mooncakes. They're also excellent for corporate gifting or for a client you would love to show your appreciation to.

RM88 - RM218

You can purchase here.

12. The Ice Cream Bar

We love our alcohol, we love our ice cream, and we love our mooncakes. But alcoholic ice cream mooncakes?! YES PLEASE.

Initially sold out last year, these ice cream mooncakes are back again due to popular demand. This Yin and Yang duo comes in two different flavours:

— Johnnie Walker Whisky Cream - Creamy ice cream made with Johnnie Walker Black Label Sherry Edition topped off with fine chocolate chips. The mooncake is coated in a layer of chocolate and has an orange jam yolk.

— Rum and Raisin - Their classic all-time favourite Rum and Raisin ice cream. This rum-infused ice cream mooncake is covered in a chocolate shell and is held by a hazelnut feuilletine base. A dense sphere of spiked raisin jam takes the place of a traditional yolk.

The mouthwatering duo also comes with a cutlery set, a reusable cooler bag, and a handwritten message card, perfect for gifting or just treating yourself. So don't walk, run to the nearest Ice Cream Bar near you now!

RM99 for a set of two alcoholic ice cream mooncakes

Available at all The Ice Cream Bar outlets, The Chamber outlets, or you can order here.

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