We Love These One-Of-A-Kind Kek Lapis Mooncakes That Are Colourful And Oh So Malaysian!

The mooncakes are also halal-certified!

Cover image via Maria Kek Lapis/Facebook (Edited by SAYS)

A bakery in Kuching, Sarawak is gaining attention for its gorgeous kek lapis mooncakes

Image via Bernama

Maria Kek Lapis is operated by 43-year-old Maria Ngui Sai Moi, who is of Chinese and Bidayuh descent, reported Bernama.

Ngui told the news outlet that the idea for kek lapis mooncakes came about for the "sake of maintaining Sarawak's identity in a Chinese traditional delicacy".

On the outside, Ngui's mooncakes look like the typical ones with its baked or snow skins - but within, it contains a multitude of layers

"To produce the mooncake, I will bake the layered-cake first, and cut it with a custom-designed round cutter to be put inside the snow skin dough before shaping it with the mooncake moulds," the entrepreneur told The Borneo Post.

In one day, Ngui and her assistant bakes over 5,000 mooncakes, reported Bernama.

Ngui is offering 10 flavours for her snow skin mooncakes and 12 flavours for the baked skin

Some of the flavours available are blueberry cheese, tiramisu, and cappuccino.

One baked skin mooncake costs RM15, while a snow skin mooncake is priced at RM14.

Ngui told SAYS that foodies living in West Malaysia can still place an order, but only for the baked skin mooncakes

A minimum order of eight pieces is required, with a postage fee of RM15 to be included.

37, Jalan Main Bazaar,
93000 Kuching,

Operating hours:
9AM - 6PM (Daily)

Facebook | Phone Number: +6012-8863337

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