6 Unforgettable Cheese Trends In Malaysia That We Still Can't Stop Thinking About

The best thing in life is cheese.

Cover image via @sugarnfrost (Instagram) & Open Rice

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We gotta love cheese, right?

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We're all crazy about cheese! In fact, we love cheese so much that we've even added it to numerous Malaysian dishes like nasi lemak, char kuey teow, and even bak kut teh, omggg. 

Plus, whenever new cheese creations come about, we definitely showed how much we love them! From hour-long queues in shopping malls just to try out new creations, to buying new baking tools to bake cheesecakes, we go the extra mile for cheese, hehe. 

Jom, let's take a look at these memorable cheese trends:

1. Cheese tea

Who would have thought that cheese would actually pair well with tea? :o

We discovered this beverage several years ago, where the sweet black or green tea is topped with a creamy, cheesy foam. Upon taking a sip, you get an explosion of flavours, first tasting the saltiness of the foam, followed by hints of sweetness from the tea, yum! 

And now, even fruit-flavoured teas like mango, strawberry, and banana are commonly topped with cheese foam. 

2. Basque Burnt Cheesecake

Image via No Recipes

This cheese trend was all the rage in 2020, especially when the first MCO was announced back in March. 

As we had to stay at home, we couldn't help but jump on the burnt cheesecake hype.

The craze for burnt cheesecake still stands today, 'cause like, why would we ever get tired of cheese? And throughout MCO, Malaysians have come up with interesting burnt cheesecake flavours as well, such as pandan, coffee, boba, and even earl grey! 

3. Korean food with cheese

Image via Open Rice

There are soooo many yummy Korean dishes we have come to love, such as Korean stew, bbq, bibimbap, japchae, and kimchi fried rice, all of which pair incredibly well with cheese! 

Other than adding a creamy texture to the dishes, the cheese also helps to tone down the spiciness as well, because Korean food can get reeeeaally spicy! 

And whenever there's a new Korean dish that highlights cheese, you gotta be prepared to queue for hours or make reservations because it's gonna get crazyyyy. :p

4. Instant noodles with cheese

Whether soup or dry, instant noodles pair surprisingly well with cheese. While it adds a creamy flavour to your noodles, it also helps to make spicy noodles milder.

In most cases, a slice of cheese is usually added to a bowl of cooked and seasoned instant noodles, so that it slowly melts to give your noodles an extra pull! Plus, instant noodles with cheese became so popular that several brands even came up with new cheese flavours. 

5. Pisang goreng cheese

Pisang goreng is definitely every Malaysian's favourite snack to munch on, especially during breaks and teatime. 

When pisang goreng cheese was first introduced, most were skeptical at first, but now the snack is widely popular! Many stalls also add chocolate to the pisang goreng cheese for extra sweetness. 

6. Japanese cheese tart

Image via Tatler Malaysia

We've seen various cheese tarts in bakeries and markets, including common ones like blueberry cheese tart and strawberry cheese tart.

In 2016, however, when the Japanese cheese tart was introduced, it was all the rage! Remember the snake-like queues for Japanese cheese tarts, guys? Malaysians were trying to get their hands on the cheese tarts, which even led to them buying in bulk on behalf of their friends and families.

Since then, Japanese cheese tarts have been a staple snack or dessert for many. It comes with a soft, cheesy custard that's sweet and creamy to the taste, which also complements the crumbly tart. 

Chuppppp, we're not done yet! To all the cheese lovers out there, remember the KFC Zinger Cheezilla?

It was the ultimate burger that aims to satisfy both your meat and cheese cravings at one go! Yummmmm. 

Image via KFC (Facebook)

Well, guess what? The KFC Zinger Cheezilla is making a comeback, and this time, it's here to stay, woohoo! :DD

Image via KFC

Featuring KFC's succulent Hot & Spicy Zinger fillet and a mozzarella patty fried to golden perfection – this burger is bound to give you an indulgent, gooey experience.

Take a bite into the monstrous burger and you'll taste the cheesy mayo sauce enveloping the chicken fillet and mozzarella patty. As you pull your mouth away, you'll feel the mozzarella stretching, making the cheesy experience oh-so-satsifying, mmmm. :9 

Like, take a look at that epic cheese pull, gais!

You can order the KFC Zinger Cheezilla online and opt for delivery or self-collect!

Other than that, you can also visit your nearest KFC outlet to get your hands on the burger.

Here are the meal sets available for the monstrous burger:

1. Combo
From RM19.49 onwards

2. Box Meal
From RM21.99 onwards

The Combo includes the burger, Crispier fries, and a drink. But if you want some of KFC's iconic fried chicken too, opt for the Box Meal instead. It comes with all the same sides as the Combo, in addition to a yummy piece of KFC fried chicken!

Best of all, if you order through KFC online, you can get 10% off your delivery fee, yassss. Just apply the promo code CHEEZILLA when you order!

The KFC Zinger Cheezilla is already available in West Malaysia. Meanwhile, it will be available in Sarawak from 5 June onwards, and in Sabah from 11 June onwards. 

So, whatchu waiting for? Get your cheese cravings satisfied here!

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