This Small Local Online Business Sells Muslim-Friendly Cinnamon Stroopwafels With Caramel

Pair with a hot cup of coffee or tea. Yum!

Cover image via @kukkibakes (Instagram)

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Kukki Bakes is a small baking business run by a mother-daughter duo who make yummy Muslim-friendly mooncakes and stroopwafels at home

Wanting to taste mooncakes ever since she was a kid, Amirah Arezudin decided to take mooncake classes and eventually began selling her version on the side while studying for her engineering degree.

Kukki Bakes' mooncakes are sold in small batches once a year during Mid-Autumn Festival, as they don't have a very long shelf life, she explains to SAYS, adding that they will start selling mini versions next year.

Seeing as it's not that easy to find stroopwafels in Malaysia, Amirah also shares that her mum came up with an idea to make their own homemade version. 

She explains that most stroopwafels are imported from overseas, making Muslims wary of eating them. So they decided to make and sell their own!

Although their small business is not halal-certified, she shares that they strictly use only halal ingredients for their baking.

Using the popular Daelmans stroopwafels as their benchmark, the pair is constantly improving the recipe, with hopes of soon adding new flavours such as strawberry and nutty versions. 

The stroopwafels are made in a special machine, cut in half, and filled with oozy caramel.

Combined with the cinnamon flavour of the wafels and their soft, slightly crunchy texture, they make a delicious snack for any time of the day

Both mother and daughter hope to eventually open their own dessert bar or cafe where they will be able to serve their products. But for now, they are only selling them online. 

A bottle of 14 pieces is sold for RM27 on Shopee. Free shipping is available with a minimum purchase of RM15.

You can get them here.

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