7 Café By 7-Eleven Launches WOW Paus With Buttermilk Sauce, Kam Heong Sauce, And More

The best part is that they're halal and affordable too!

Cover image via 7-Eleven Malaysia (Provided to SAYS)

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This Spotlight is sponsored by 7-Eleven.

ICYMI, 7-Eleven launched its very first 7 Café early last year, featuring convenient and tasty made-to-order food, ranging from fresh, warm croffles to unique-flavoured soft serves

And if you didn't know, they usually curate original menus according to seasons, providing Malaysians with a variety of delicious snacks and quick bites to look forward to all year round.

Now, 7-Eleven Café is rolling out a surprise new menu featuring four different Asian-flavoured Wow Paus and other yummy snacks!

The main star of this season's menu are definitely the Wow Paus. Soft and fluffy, the gua bao buns are filled with a crispy and flavourful chicken cutlet, made with 100% real chicken meat. Sounds appetising, doesn't it? You confirm must try! 

The best part? The paus come with a variety of different Asian-flavoured sauces for you to choose from, and they're halal too.

Check out the four delicious Asian flavours they have:

Wow Pau with Thai Lime Sauce
If you're a fan of Thai food, you'll love the tangy sauce paired with the crispy chicken cutlet, giving a balance of sour and savoury flavour with each bite.

Wow Pau with Kam Heong Sauce
Paired perfectly with the fluffy pau buns, this aromatic and fragrant Malaysian dark sauce, which uses a combination of different spices, gives a nice kick to your tastebuds when paired with the fried chicken cutlet.

Wow Pau with Kam Heong Sauce

Image via 7-Eleven Malaysia (Provided to SAYS)

Wow Pau with Buttermilk Sauce
This sauce will surely be a hit amongst Malaysians, as buttermilk chicken is a popular dish in the country. The creamy sauce will keep you wanting more — one pau sure not enough lah.
Wow Pau with Spicy Tteokbokki Sauce
Are you a kaki pedas who also loves Korean spices? If yes, then you need to give this a try. Made with gochujang, this sweet, spicy sauce will definitely awaken your senses and satisfy your Korean food cravings.

Wow Pau with Spicy Tteokbokki Sauce

Image via 7-Eleven Malaysia (Provided to SAYS)

That's not all. They are affordable too, retailing only at RM7.90 each!

Wow Pau with Buttermilk Sauce

Image via 7-Eleven Malaysia (Provided to SAYS)

So, which one will you try first? Head over to your nearest 7 Café and give the Wow Pau a try today!

Visit 7-Eleven's Facebook page or website for more information.

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