Australians Reveal How Differently They Make MILO Compared To Malaysians

Which recipe is better?

Cover image via @simplegreensoul (TikTok)

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It goes without saying that MILO has been a long-time crowd favourite among Malaysians

And though it originates from Australia, MILO has its own recipes in different countries to suit the tastes and preferences of its consumers.

You may have heard of the 3-2-1 MILO ratio rule for making a cup, which involves three tablespoons of MILO, two tablespoons of milk, and one tablespoon of sugar.

Sometimes, Malaysians also use condensed milk in replacement of milk and sugar. 

However, it seems that Australians use a completely different recipe to make a cup of MILO.

Two Australian siblings recently shared a video in which they made it using five tablespoons of the chocolate malt powder and milk instead of water

After receiving numerous requests for a video, Georgia, an Australian woman residing in Malaysia, asked her brother Brent to demonstrate how they make Australian MILO.

In the video, Brent mentions, "I think it says that you need three heaps of teaspoons, but no one's ever done that," as he reads the back of the can.

He proceeds to put five tablespoons of MILO powder into a cup and adds only milk.

After stirring the cup, the duo explained that this results in chunky bits of MILO floating to the top of the drink, while the milk settles at the bottom.

And that's how they make a cup of Australian MILO.

In a subsequent video, the siblings also demonstrate how to make a hot version by warming up a cup of milk in a microwave and then adding in the chocolate malt

"You can use boiling water but I'm going to use hot milk because it tastes better," he shared.

Although he uses five tablespoons to make a cold cup of MILO, Brent says that he only needs three tablespoons for a hot cup, adding that, "It depends on what you like."

Both videos have collectively amassed 800,000 plays and 18,000 likes.

You can watch them below:


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What are your thoughts on the way they make MILO? Share your opinions in the comments.

A Japanese YouTuber in Malaysia tried out MILO from four countries to see if he could tell the difference:

A couple of years ago, the Japanese tried MILO for the first time and it quickly sold out nationwide:

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