This Company Gave Bak Kwa A Level Up With Nasi Lemak And Tom Yam Flavours

Bak-Off also claims that its bak kwa is cholesterol-free.

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Bak kwa is already great, but this company is bringing it to a whole different level.

Introducing: Bak-Off

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The company is operated by Q-Q Food Retail, which also owns renowned dried meat brand Oloiya.

Unlike common bak kwa, Bak-Off has taken the traditional dried meat on a spin with five tantalising flavours

The five flavours include Malaysian classics such as nasi lemak, curry, and chilli sambal.

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Image via SAYS Makan
Image via SAYS Makan

Tomyam, while not a Malaysian flavour, holds a special place in our hearts

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But if you prefer something less spicy, then try the garlic one instead

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Another way Bak-Off differs from traditional bak kwa: the meat is packed in little sachets

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The packaging makes it easy to bring around for snacking at any time.

Simply peel open the packaging from the top left corner and you can consume it in no time.

Each Bak-Off bag is sold at RM16 and can be purchased online

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Bak-Off claims that their products are cholesterol-free, has no artificial preservatives, and uses only naturally derived ingredients.

Head over to Bak-Off's website to find out more.

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