Boba And Ramen Is Now A Thing In Malaysia... God Help Us All

You can choose between miso or spicy soup.

Cover image via Sabah Food Paradise/Sha Ba Da La Ba Facebook

I swear, boba is taking over the world.

Like little minions, they're invading pizzas, crabs, and now... ramen.

A bubble tea store in Sabah called 'Ochado' is now serving Japanese ramen noodles with tapioca pearls. Yep, ramen and boba.

The Malaysian eatery launched its exclusive dish on Saturday, 20 July.

Unlike several Japanese food joints, Ochado told Business Insider that it substituted milk tea broth for actual ramen soup just in case its customers didn't like it.

The unique dish comes with crab sticks, and a choice between miso or spicy soup

According to one customer, the ramen costs RM8.50 and it was so tasty, they slurped it all up.

However, others were unsure of the marriage between the sweet, chewy pearls and savoury noodles

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

You can try it for yourself at any of its Kota Kinabalu outlets

These are its locations:

- Suria Sabah Shopping Mall,
- Damai Plaza, and
- Imago Shopping Mall.

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