You Can Now Have Bubble Tea Steamboat At This New Café In Penang

Bubble tea AND steamboat? My tummy is ready.

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Love bubble tea and steamboat? Get your tummy ready, coz you can now indulge in both your favourite things in one go at this bubble tea bar in Penang.

Served in a traditional steamboat pot, Galaxy Tea Bar recently introduced their version of the bubble tea hot pot which became popular in Canada earlier this year

Although Singapore's Spice World Hot Pot is probably the first to serve "sweet" bubble tea hot pot (alongside its usual mala hot pot, no less!), Galaxy Tea Bar's version is modelled after the one served in Avery, a restaurant in Richmond, Vancouver. 

In addition to chewy tapioca pearls, the pot is also lined with taro balls, chunks of mango, grass jelly, sago pearls, and red beans

Before digging in, you will first have to pour the "soup" base - either milk tea or fresh milk - into the pot

A flame is lit to keep the dessert dish warm. Mix all the ingredients together, then you can dish it out in separate bowls for the rest of your bubble tea gang.

Or you could just stick a straw in the pot and drink it like bubble tea. :p 

If you're not too keen on having warm bubble tea, you can go for the icy option, which is served with dry ice for an extra "winter is coming" effect

Check out what happens the moment it arrives at the table:

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The bubble tea hot pot is priced at RM29.90 and can feed about two to three people (or more, let's be honest)

Aside from the bubble tea hot pot, the café has gained quite a following despite having just opened in December last year. Must-try drinks include the Brown Sugar Pearl Milk with Cream Mousse, Sweet Potatoes with Taro Milk, and sparkling fruit teas.

Brown Sugar Pearl Milk (left) and Sweet Potatoes with Taro Milk (right).

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Brown Sugar Pearl Milk with Cream Mousse

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Rose Lycée Sparkling Water

Image via Instagram @suki_sukiie

The café's decor is also a feast for the eyes, with walls lined with neon lights and vintage posters. The ceiling, a Milky Way Galaxy installation with actual shooting stars, is a perfect backdrop for the 'Gram!

Galaxy Tea Bar is located at Nagore Square, Penang. The shop does not have a signboard, so keep an eye out for this storefront:

Address: No. 22, Jalan Nagor, 10050 Georgetown, Penang.

Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday 12pm-12am
Friday to Sunday 12pm-1am

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