Cornetto Black Hojicha Ice Cream Now Exists In Malaysia And It Has A Surprise Inside

Much Japan. Much aesthetic.

Cover image via Tamara Jayne/SAYS

Ice cream lovers, gather here... 'Coz boy, are we excited to announce that Black Hojicha Cornetto ice cream has arrived in Malaysia!

It's grey, it's black, it's every other somber shade in between to match your soul. Beautiful.

But there's more.

The roasted green tea ice cream surrounds a surprise center - wait for it - dark molten chocolate lava *drool*

Every bite brings you closer to chocolate nirvana. 

Imagine the end bit of a regular Cornetto cone filled with decadent chocolate - but this time, the melted sauce also runs through the center of the ice cream. Ugh.

Image via Hype

Aside from Thailand and Indonesia, Malaysia is the third country in Southeast Asia to have the flavour.

The ice cream costs RM3 and is available for a limited time at retail outlets all over Malaysia

So, go ahead and spoil yourself with a cone - it's the perfect treat for this hot weather!

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Image via SAYS Makan

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