The Ultimate 'Atas' Ice Cream, Wall's Viennetta, Is Finally Back In Malaysia

Throwback to the good old days!

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Back in the '90s, the Viennetta wasn't just ice cream.

It was a status symbol.

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In case you didn't know, the Viennetta is made of beautiful layers of sinful chocolate and rich ice cream, folded together in perfect harmony.

One day, around 10 to 15 years ago, the ice cream suddenly disappeared from local grocers and we thought we would never see it ever again.

Surprisingly, after years of going missing, the ice cream that was marketed as an 'atas' dessert is back!

On Tuesday, 17 December, Twitter user @itfeesa announced, "Guys, this is not a drill. Viennetta is back!"

She also mentioned that she found them at Ben's Independent Grocer (B.I.G) in IPC Shopping Centre, Mutiara Damansara.

We rushed to B.I.G to investigate whether it was true.

Lo and behold, we found the Viennetta!

When we went, there were two flavours available which were mint and vanilla.

In an Instagram post, Ben's Independent Grocer confirmed that their outlets now carry the ice cream.

They uploaded a photo along with the caption, "Yes, that's right! Since it's Christmas, we have more ice creams! Wall's Viennetta has been a family favourite for any festive period. Available in two flavours, Vanilla and Mint, it's sure to add to the festivities. If you haven't tried it, what are you waiting for? Come by to our B.I.G. outlets and get a Viennetta today!"

Each box comes with seven servings (or one big serving, if you're feeling brave enough)

At B.I.G, it is sold for RM36.90 each. We had to call our mums to ask what the price was about ten years ago, and they said that it used to cost around RM10.

But times have changed and judging by the limited boxes of Viennetta available at the supermarket, we think people are willing to pay a bit more to get a taste of their childhood.

Shut up and take my money

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