Say Goodbye To Your Diet 'Cos McD Just Rolled Out McShaker Twister Fries And New Desserts

RIP my waistline.

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For a lot of people, especially me, this is like a dream come true.

Everyone, say hello to Spicy McShaker Twister Fries!

On 15 December, McDonald's Malaysia announced the new menu addition on their website. They wrote, "There's a new twist to everyone's favourite Spicy McShaker!"

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It's as if McShaker Fries and Twister Fries got married and gave birth to a delicious, crispy, spicy baby.

All you need is RM2.50 to upgrade your regular French Fries to the all-new Spicy Twister McShaker!

Sadly, it is available for a limited time only and there is no information about how long they're going to be around. So, make sure you get it while you can!

Image via SAYS Makan

And if you have a sweet tooth, you'll confirm love the new stuff McCafe rolled out

If you didn't know yet, there are new chocolate drinks made with Oreo crumbs on the menu!

It comes in the form of iced chocolate or ice blended chocolate and the decadent drink is topped off with a good amount of whipped cream too.

Besides that, McD also announced that they serving macarons in conjunction with the holiday season and they look oh so colourful!

Brb, gonna head to the nearest McD

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FYI, they started selling the Prosperity Burger a couple of weeks ago:

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