This Japanese Method Of Cooking KFC Fried Chicken With Rice Is Seriously Drool-Worthy

Finger lickin' good.

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There's no question that we love our chicken rice.

Whether it's Michelin-starred or only RM1, nothing beats a good ol' plate of Malaysian chicken rice.

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However, this Japanese method of cooking KFC original recipe chicken with rice might just win your heart over

Facebook page 紀由屋 recently shared the Japanese recipe, and it has since gone viral with over 1,600 shares at the time of writing!

The only ingredients the recipe calls for are soy sauce, chicken stock, KFC original recipe chicken, and uncooked rice.

It is also extremely easy to make.

All you need to do is submerge the fried chicken with uncooked rice, water, soy sauce, and chicken stock into a rice cooker.

Close the lid and cook the rise as usual.

Your rice should look something like this after cooking!


After that, loosen the meat from the bones and throw the bones away

Next, mix the rice and chicken together, adding salt and pepper according to your taste and preference.

Lastly, admire the glorious, greasy goodness, before tucking in

If you're skeptical as to whether this concoction would taste good, here's how a reporter from Japanese publication GetNews described it

"The chicken has a plump texture, and the rice flavoured with the herbs and spices from the chicken is sublimated to a rich taste," the reporter tweeted.

"The taste may be slightly different depending on the part that’s cooked together (with the rice)."

Try out this recipe for yourself to see if it successfully satisfies your chicken rice cravings!

You can check out the recipe and instructions here.

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