Crunchy, Yummy Corntoz Now Comes In Bigger Bags So You Can Level Up Your Snack Game

Chilli Cheez, Hotz & Spicy, and Smoky BBQZ — which flavour's your favourite? :P

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We all love a good snack, amirite?

Real life footage of me snacking every chance I get.

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Whether you like them savoury or sweet, there's a certain pleasure you get when you discover a snack that holds the fun trifecta of being flavourful, has amazing texture, and is convenient to eat. 

Baked and not fried, Corntoz should definitely be on your radar for snacks that taste kaw

If you love corn snacks, you'll enjoy munching on Corntoz. These crunchy morsels come in three yummy flavours — Chilli Cheez, Hotz & Spicy, and Smoky BBQZ — that'll give your tastebuds a flava boom with every bite.

Cheesy with a hint of spiciness, go for Chilli Cheez, which will certainly be a crowd pleaser. You can also amp up the heat with Hotz & Spicy, or tuck into a package of Corntoz Smoky BBQZ, featuring an aromatic and slightly tangy spice blend. 

And now, snack lovers, rejoice! 'Cause you can buy bigger packages of your favourite Corntoz, yayyy!

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These 100g packages are great for sharing, or if you're feeling self-indulgent, you can keep it all for yourself — we'll leave that for you to decide, haha.

Plus, since they're baked, not fried, you'll less likely encounter greasy mouthfuls and fingers (though still covered in flavourful Corntoz dust, mmm). Or, if you're a seasoned snacker, you'll know how to avoid the mess by using a pair of chopsticks to enjoy your corn snacks. ;P

Image via SAYS

You know who else enjoys their share of Corntoz? Malaysian actor, host, and content creator Sean Lee.

Sean has teamed up with the brand to bring y'all something special while you munch on some Chilli Cheez, Hotz & Spicy, or Smoky BBQZ Corntoz. The collab will entail the local actor appearing in a series of fun minisodes, set to release every Friday at 5pm.

From How to Look Fit Online to How to Pick Up Girls, you'll get to catch Sean accomplishing his goals, with the help of Pinko the horse, in the weekly minisodes on Facebook and YouTube. 

Watch the latest minisode here:

With bigger packages, serving you double the satisfaction, you can now snack happily on more of your favourite flavour of Corntoz! Get your hands on some from Shopee today.

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