Fast Broadband, Smartphones & 4 More Things Maxis Offers That Aren't Just Phone Plans

Ultimately, Maxis wants to help individuals, businesses, and households to 'Always Stay Ahead'.

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Maxis. 

Serving Malaysians since 1995, Maxis has become one of the leading network brands, providing consistent and cutting-edge network connection to many individuals and households over the years

As we all know, Maxis first started off providing mobile plans, before eventually expanding into more than just a telco company.

From high-speed network such as 4G, to exclusive broadband plans for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), ICT solutions for businesses, and customisable prepaid plans for those who have ever-changing digital needs, Maxis wants to help individuals, businesses, and households to 'Always Stay Ahead'.

And true to their goal, Maxis just launched their new campaign, Rangkaian Kita, Rangkaian Malaysia

Whether you're an entrepreneur looking for the best digital solutions for your business, a parent who works from home and consistently needs fast and stable Internet, or an individual who is always on the go, Maxis has got you covered. 

Through the Rangkaian Kita, Rangkaian Malaysia campaign, Maxis wants to help Malaysians from all walks of life experience the best connectivity or solution for their digital wants and needs. 

To get a better glimpse, here's what you'll be able to enjoy with Maxis:

1. Experience on-the-go Internet wherever you are

As the leader in fast 4G network, you'll get to stay ahead of all your work, entertainment, and studies with Maxis. 

No matter where you are, whether on land or sea, you'll get to enjoy the best connectivity with Maxis' commercial offshore LTE connection. This means that those who work at sea, such as workers in the maritime and petroleum sectors get to enjoy fast Internet at all times. 

2. Enjoy reliable indoor connection that's backed up by a suite of integrated solutions

With reliable always-on broadband at home that comes with a cellular back up, you can be connected at all times, without having to worry about Internet or Wi-Fi fluctuations.

In terms of Wi-Fi coverage, Maxis has got you covered as well. The brand offers mesh Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi 6 routers that ensure optimal and consistent coverage, be it for a studio unit or a double storey house. Additionally, the broadband features VoWiFi, which supports VoLTE technology, allowing you to enjoy crystal clear voice calls. 

3. If you're WFH, always on the go, or looking to future proof your business, Maxis also wants to help you to fully maximise your career and business

It's important for businesses to get a robust network that is stable and reliable. By optimising your business with the Maxis Programmable Network (MPN), a 5G-ready core network infrastructure, you'll have greater control and visibility in how you connect your organisation.

Plus, Maxis is Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) 3.0 certified for reliable network performance. MEF is a validation for achieving the gold standard for high-speed connectivity.

4. Turbocharge your business with Maxis' one-stop connectivity and technology solutions

Maxis wants to help you effectively transform your business and grow your online presence with world class network, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), cybersecurity, retail and payment, Internet of Things (IoT), and advanced analytics solutions.

All of these are backed by Maxis' stratetic IT advisory and fully-managed services, so you can rest assured that your business' digital connectivity is in good hands.  

5. Choose from a wide range of devices and services at affordable prices

With Maxis, getting a new smartphone for work or a smart TV for your home is a breeze. In fact, many devices now come with affordable instalments of up to 36 months, as well as 0% interest on Maxis Zerolution.

If you need extra peace of mind, Maxis lets you purchase device insurance and Kaspersky Internet safety tools. 

The best part is that a lot of the devices offered are 5G-ready, which means that they'll easily adapt to a brand new digital lifestyle. 

6. Get trusted help from Maxis with their 24/7 expert assistance and reliable suite of tools

Got questions or issues you need to raise? Maxis offers customer service through multiple channels, such as Maxperts, at Maxis Centres, 24/7 customer service channels, as well as Maxis' advanced AI-powered chatbot. 

Plus, you can enjoy peace of mind with a suite of Maxis and Hotlink apps that offer real-time billing, tailored rewards, service management, and more. 

For businesses, you can stay in control with Maxis Business Hub, a single, secure platform that offers businesses on-demand, real-time, and end-to-end visibility of their solutions. In other words, you can drive your business transformation with the support of certified ICT solutions experts. 

Ultimately, Maxis' core business is to support every Malaysian's rangkaian to be 'All-Ways Connected'

No matter your digital needs, Maxis wants to be there for all Malaysians every step of the way with their new Rangkaian Kita, Rangkaian Malaysia campaign. So that Malaysians can be 'All-Ways Connected', and 'Always Be Ahead' together.

Find out more about Maxis' Rangkaian Kita, Rangkaian Malaysia here

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