Penang Is More Than Just Food. Here Are 4 Must-Do Activities For Your Next Road Trip

Make sure to book your Penang trip via Klook to enjoy up to RM150 off!

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Klook. 

Planning to go on a short getaway, but not sure where?

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In collaboration with Penang Global Tourism (PGT), Klook is currently giving away travel vouchers worth up to RM150 that you can enjoy when you visit Penang, woohoo!

Yep, that's right. From now until 6 March, there are two vouchers you can instantly redeem on Klook — a RM100 and a RM50 voucher! What this means is that you get to spend an exhilarating weekend at Penang without having to burn a hole in your wallet. Nice lah. 

Excited dy? More details at the end of the story! 

But first, here are some of the top activities you have to check out in Penang:

1. Have a fun-filled day with your family and friends at ESCAPE Penang

ESCAPE Penang is a theme park that has tonnes of extreme outdoor activities, most of which are suitable for all ages. What's also cool about the theme park is that it's surrounded by a lush rainforest, allowing for a slew of fun activities you can do in nature, such as zip-lining, tree climbing, jungle swinging, and many more.

Additionally, there are also many unique water rides that you can't find elsewhere in theme parks across Malaysia, including the longest water slide that is more than 1km long! :o

Opening hours:
10am - 6pm (Tuesday to Sunday)

Psst! You can get a two-day pass for only RM148 (original price is RM167) on Klook.

Looking to do some light and easy activities after all that rigorous fun? Check out Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm and Penang Bird Park.

2. Enjoy an intimate rainforest experience at The Habitat Penang Hill

Image via The Habitat

While The Habitat Penang Hill is known for offering picturesque views of Penang island, did you know that it's located in a 130-million-year-old rainforest? The rainforest is home to diverse flora and fauna, providing you with an unforgettable experience in nature.

Besides the hill's iconic treetop walk that offers 360° views, you can also explore the rainforest through its canopy walk, trails, and gardens. There's also a cafe that boasts floor-to-ceiling glass windows as well as outdoor spaces, so you can sit back and enjoy a cuppa, while marvelling at lush greenery.

Opening hours:
9am - 7pm

Book an admission ticket priced at only RM49.50 on Klook!

Besides that, if you're looking for another place that offers 360° views of Penang, check out The TOP Komtar!

3. Feast your eyes on massive replicas of traditional Malaysian dishes at Wonderfood Museum

Image via Klook

Penang is also notably known for its hawker and street food, so what better way to find out more about delicacies the island has to offer than to visit a unique food museum, right? ;P

Wonderfood Museum is home to a variety of food on display, providing you with an in-depth understanding of cuisines not only in Penang, but also across Asia. The best part? Most of the replicas are huge, so you'll be mesmerised by all the intricate details.

Opening hours:
9am - 6pm

Get an adult admission ticket for only RM16 on Klook!

If you're feeling super hungry after marvelling at all the food replicas, visit the Guest House at Macalister Mansion, which offers hi-tea courses, as well as savoury meals. Or, if you prefer something cold to beat the heat, you can get some yummy ice cream waffles at Urban Artisan!

4. Spend a day at Pulau Jerejak, a vibrant and lively island with plenty of Insta-worthy locations

Image via Harian Metro
Image via Harian Metro

Located on the eastern coast of Penang, Pulau Jerejak is just a 10-minute ferry ride away, with return tickets priced at less than RM20.

Pulau Jerejak has many beautiful attractions, such as a colourful LED garden, huge bird nests to lounge in, a tall white staircase that "leads to heaven", and many more. Besides that, you can also go hiking to explore more about the island's history. Make sure to hang around until the evening to catch the beautiful sunset!

Can't get enough of LED lights? You'll definitely wanna check out Dark Mansion Museum, a modern art museum that boasts cool light effects, as well as glow-in-the-dark artworks. 

Now that you've got your itinerary sorted out, here are some hotels to book for your stay in Penang:

1. Hompton by the Beach Penang 
Enjoy marvelling at alluring sea views at this four-star hotel that's about a 20-minute drive away from Georgetown. 

2. Hard Rock Hotel Penang
If you prefer a hotel further away from the hustle and bustle of the city, check out Hard Rock Hotel Penang that has tonnes of recreational activities for a fun-filled vacay. 

Chupppp, did you know that you can book and get tickets for most of these attractions, restaurants, and hotels via Klook? In fact, make sure to redeem your vouchers before booking your activities to enjoy discounts up to RM150.

Image via Klook

Here's how to redeem the vouchers:

RM100 voucher
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2. Spend a minimum of RM300 on any Penang activities and immediately get RM100 off

RM50 voucher
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2. Spend a minimum of RM150 on any Penang activities and immediately get RM50 off

Additionally, the vouchers are on a first come, first served basis! The RM100 vouchers are limited to the first 2,000 bookings, while the RM50 vouchers are limited to the first 3,000 bookings. 

Head over to Klook's website today to find out more about their promos, as well as other fun activities you can do in Penang!

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