This Abandoned Quarry In Malaysia Is A Picturesque Paradise With Emerald Pools

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Cover image via @zhenteoh (Instagram) & @akmalraleigh (Instagram)

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If you love exploring new places, there is an abandoned tin mining area that has since become a beautiful gem in Tasek Gelugor, Penang

Frog Hill or Bukit Katak is located about a 20-minute drive from Butterworth, gaining popularity over the years for its raw beauty

Many have explored this former quarry, sharing photos of its natural blueish-green pools on Instagram.

Past visitors recommend going during sunrise or sunset, as that's when the scenery looks its best and the daylight makes the colours of the pools truly pop.

Depending on how clear the sky is on that day, the pool colours may range between dark aqua, emerald, and shades of turquoise

A nearby resident told The Star in 2015 that the place was a rubber plantation during the 1970s before it was cleared to become a quarry. He said that the operation was shut down in 2005 and it eventually became a tourist attraction as more people discovered it.

Although it has the word 'hill' in its name, there isn't much hiking you need to do in order to reach the main area, but do wear comfortable shoes anyway because some parts are rocky

You can drive up to the foot of Frog Hill, which may get muddy during the rainy season, so be prepared for your car (and shoes!) to get dirty. 

Depending on your fitness level, visitors say that it's about a five- to 10-minute climb to the top, where you'll be able to take in a panoramic view of the area.

It's an open space with no shade so bring along a bottle of water just in case. 

Some other things to take note of:
- Avoid swimming as the waters at quarries are usually dangerous due to industrial waste and wires of equipment that may have been left behind.
- This isn't actually a tourist destination with proper caretakers, so leave behind nothing but footprints.

How to get to Frog Hill:

From the main road, you will spot a road next to a car service centre. Turn right onto that road.

You will eventually pass a red brick factory. Continue driving along the bumpy road until you reach a fork. Don't turn right but continue going straight along the narrower road until you reach the hill.  

Google Maps coordinates to the entrance:

5.442677, 100.473271

And here is the map to the location:

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