There's A Stunning Hidden Lake In Malaysia That Can Be Found Inside A Mysterious Tunnel

So surreal.

Cover image via @kuihkapit (Provided to SAYS) & @natashaamohd (Instagram)

Behind a 50m mysterious, dark tunnel in Ipoh is a hidden gem that is the perfect destination for adventurous souls

As you enter the tunnel, it opens up into an idyllic hidden lake with a view that will leave you breathless.

Mirror Lake or Tasik Cermin is tucked deep within a former quarry surrounded by limestone hills

In recent years, people have sought out this hidden gem and taken some pretty cool Instagram shots.

However, it's not recognised as an official tourist destination yet so avoid bringing children and be aware that you will be going at your own risk. 

There's a viewing platform (possibly built for previous quarrying purposes) where you can stand at and take in the scenery

Several reviews note that the platform has been through years of wear and tear, so be mindful when walking on it to avoid any holes or uneven flooring.

Image via Pokok Kelapa

Located at Gunung Rapat, Tasik Cermin is a 20-minute drive from Ipoh town

Although it was once a quarry, operations have been ceased. 

There isn't any proper signage as well so finding the lake is an adventure in itself.

The lake's glassy reflection of the hills is how it got its name, Mirror Lake.

Image via @shafik_jaafar (Instagram)

How do I get there?

After turning left at Jun Tyre Auto Service, follow signage labelled 'Tokong Da Seng Ngan' located along the road until you reach the quarry entrance next to a white run-down bungalow.

According to Malaysia Traveller, you will need to walk through this area until you reach the tunnel.

Some things to take note of before visiting:
- You might need to pay around RM5 to an unofficial parking attendant.
- You can take photos but do not swim or fish at the lake.
- It's not a tourist spot and it's not developed so avoid bringing children.

Tasik Cermin, Off Jalan Raja Dr Nazrin Shah,
Gunung Rapat, Lembah Kinta, 31350, Perak.

GPS coordinates:
4°33'35.1"N 101°07'09.8"E
4.559760, 101.119400

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