White Rabbit Has More Than 1 Flavour, Your Childhood Was A Lie

"Who the f*** are these imposters?"

Cover image via Hungry Aurora & Benson Huang (Facebook)

You might've enjoyed White Rabbit sweets as a kid but what many may not know is that the iconic candy actually comes in more than just one flavour!

In a recent Facebook photo posted on Subtle Asian Traits, people were surprised to find out that there are over 15 White Rabbit flavours. 

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Other than the original milky flavour, there's red bean, coffee, mango, yoghurt, chocolate, wasabi, and... durian. Yes, DURIAN.

On top of those, there's apparently also corn, matcha, sour plum, coconut milk, banana, and ice cream flavours like tiramisu, with a special flavour called "cool". Who would've thought!?

Although we can't find them in Malaysia, several websites like Lazada and Shopee appear to be able to ship in some of these flavours from overseas.

In recent years, the iconic White Rabbit flavour has been turned into lip balm and ice cream

The limited-edition lip balm was so popular that it sold out within seconds in 2018, according to South China Morning Post

A year later, ice cream parlours in Los Angeles and Malaysia churned out White Rabbit ice cream that took the Internet by storm. 

Later, a Malaysian cafe even turned it into a boba drink. 

The first batch of 920 White Rabbit lip balm was sold out in 2018.

Image via South China Morning Post

We don't know what comes next, but one thing's for sure, we'll never grow too old to enjoy sucking on the candy's rice paper. :p

For a period of time in 2008, the popular chewy candy was suddenly taken off shelves due to a scandal:

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