White Rabbit Candy-Flavoured Lip Balm Is A Thing That Is Finally Happening

We can already taste that milky goodness.

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Malaysians, time to pucker up because the iconic White Rabbit milk candy will soon be available as a lip balm!

According to The Straits Times, the product is borne out of a partnership between White Rabbit and Shanghai-based cosmetics company Maxam. 

Image via Taobao

Images of the White Rabbit lip balm packaging were leaked online earlier this month and promptly went viral across Weibo

Maxam senior brand manager Li Chenshen told Chinese finance news site 21 Cai Jing that the product was still undergoing production and storage at the time the photos leaked, reported The Straits Times.

According to Mothership, Beijing-based newspaper Global Times was one of the first media outlets to break the news on 9 September.

A screenshot of Global Times' Weibo post on the lip balm.

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The post reads: "Leave sweetness on your lips! White Rabbit is producing a creamy lip balm, to be sold in October. According to media reports, White Rabbit is collaborating with Maxam to launch the candy-flavoured lip balm. It is expected to be sold online and in stores in October."

While the official launch of the milky lip balm is on 20 October, a limited batch will be released tomorrow, 20 September, for excited fans

The poster with the slogan "Sweeter than memories, moments of purity" in Chinese.

Image via Taobao

According to Li, the official launch will see the lip balm released in a special gift box. 

The lip balm is already listed on Taobao at 95 yuan (approximately RM58) for 3g, which is the average weight of one stick of lip balm. One could buy a lot of actual White Rabbit candy with that money. 

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Though an essential part of the Malaysian childhood experience, did you know the White Rabbit candy was not invented here?

Teh tarik is another Malaysian staple that has seen some quirky reinventions in the last few weeks:

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