You Can Eat 3 Yummy Meals A Day In Korea For Just RM10 & This TikToker Shows Us How

Tteokbokki for only RM3.40?!

Cover image via @tara_choi_ (TikTok)

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When one thinks of cheap travel destinations, the land of K-Pop isn't usually the first place to come to mind.

But TikToker Tara Choi shows us that maybe "Korea is not so mahal" after all.

A Korean native living in Malaysia, Tara participated in the RM10 Challenge on TikTok and proved that her country's food is actually super affordable for prospective Malaysian travellers! 

(Keep in mind that food prices will vary from region to region.)

Breakfast: Fish buns (two pieces), RM3.40

Tara started her day right with a Korean wintertime street snack staple —two pieces of Bungeoppang or Korean fish-shaped pastries (they're also known in Japan as Taiyaki).

These are traditionally filled with red bean paste, but nowadays they come in a variety of flavours like custard or Nutella.

Lunch: Tteokbokki, RM3.40

For lunch, Tara had a street food that's very popular in Malaysia too — spicy Tteokbokki. The key difference is that a serving of the dish locally will cost you more than RM10!

In Korea, you can ask most vendors to give you an amount equivalent to whatever suits your budgetary needs. Tara asked for RM3.40 worth of the noodle-rice cake dish and got a generous serving in return.

Dinner: Beef Ramyeon, RM3.40

To end her day, Tara opted to slurp up some beef ramyeon at a convenience store. 

The ones in Korea are extra convenient because they have hot water dispensers and stoves where you can cook your noodles.

The stores also usually sell single piece soy sauce-marinated boiled eggs (y'know the ones with the ooey-gooey centres) that you can enjoy with your noodles.

Looking for more budget-friendly options for your next holiday? We gotchu:

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