This 4-Ingredient Shaker Fries Recipe Went So Viral That We Had To Try It Out

That's it. I'm never eating plain fries ever again.

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There is absolutely nothing that can get in the way between me and my love for French fries

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But you know what's better than plain fries? Seasoned spicy shaker fries.

A man named Akeem Sharyzal recently took to Twitter to share his own culinary creation and it went viral.

His tweet garnered over 16,100 retweets and 31,400 likes.

He wrote, "Movement Control Order (MCO) 2.0 menu. Don't cook the fries for too long, then put them on a plate, add Baba's chilli powder, some sugar, and a little bit of MAGGI Cukup Rasa. It's like your own version of McShaker fries, it's crazy good. Okay try it la."

We decided to try the recipe for ourselves and here's how it went down:

- French fries
- Baba's chili powder
- MAGGI Cukup Rasa all-in-one seasoning
- Sugar

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1. Cook French fries of your choice. In order to really get the Mekdi feel, we would recommend using shoestring fries. Deep fry in oil, or throw them into an air fryer if you're feeling healthy.

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2. In a small bowl or container, mix three teaspoons of Baba's chili powder, two teaspoons of MAGGI Cukup Rasa, and one teaspoon of sugar. You can play around with the measurements but we recommend a ratio of 3:2:1.

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3. Place fries in a big bowl that will allow you to toss them easily, or stuff them into a paper bag so your kitchen can be mess-free. Then, sprinkle a generous amount of seasoning and shake away!

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Now you have yourself a bowl of super quick and easy shaker fries!

Not only that, it is extremely cheap to make too.

Okay so here's the math behind this recipe:

In total, we spent about RM15 for the entire ingredients list.

1kg of fries was RM7.50, MAGGI Cukup Rasa all-in-one seasoning was RM3.31,125g of Baba's Chilli Powder is roughly RM2.60 and 1kg of sugar is usually RM2.20 (but basically free because I'm sure you have some in your kitchen).

An entire pack of fries can get you slightly more than six large fries at McDonald's because the usual serving size is 145g.

Your homemade recipe would only cost you RM2.20 per serving. Super duper cheap for shaker fries!

In conclusion, we rate this recipe a solid 4/5.

It is just so. f*cking. good.

Our measurements resulted in something a bit spicier than the McDonald's McShaker fries and it's a little less sweet, but again, you can change absolutely anything at all to your liking.

Whether you'd like a different cut of fries, or you want to adjust the amount of seasoning, it's all up to you.

We also love this recipe for its simplicity. A lot of households would already have these ingredients on hand and you'll be able to save yourself a trip to the supermarket.

It will definitely hit those Mekdi shaker fries cravings as the real item only shows up on the restaurant's menu once in a blue moon.

Here's another version of the recipe with a few additional spices for extra umami flavour:

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