[POLL] Tell Us Malaysians, How Do You Like To Eat MAGGI Curry Noodles?

To pecah the telur or not? What extra toppings to add? So many decisions!

Cover image via Jane Chuck & Seismik Makan

Over the years, MAGGI Curry Noodles has remained a much-loved staple for Malaysians. From slurping up the yummy noodles to drinking every last drop of the soup, we just love our MAGGI Curry Noodles!

We all have our own way of making that perfectly satisfying bowl. Maybe you like to tambah telur? Or perhaps you prefer to add some sayur instead?

So tell us, how do you eat MAGGI Curry Noodles? Take the poll below to see how your opinions compare to other Malaysians.

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Ever wondered what gives MAGGI Curry Noodles its signature taste?

The soup is made from a combination of 12 spices. What makes it extra syok is that the spice blend is actually cooked until it pecah minyak, before being turned into that flavourful packet of powder. It makes for the perfect combination with the springy MAGGI noodles made from Australian wheat.

So, how do your opinions match up with everyone else? Stay tuned for the full poll results coming soon!

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Image via SAYS Makan

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