What's The Most Memorable MAGGI Noodles You've Ever Had? Here's What Malaysians Say

"She doesn't remember me anymore, so that memory of eating MAGGI Noodles on Fridays with her is very special for me."

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1. "Eating MAGGI Noodles reminds me of my grandma"

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"My mum used to only put half a packet of seasoning in my MAGGI Noodles, which drove me nuts because you need all that flavour!

But every Friday I would get to eat MAGGI Noodles just the way I like it, with the full packet of seasoning, because my grandma would make it for me. She doesn't remember me anymore, so that memory of eating MAGGI Noodles on Fridays with her is very special for me."

- Samantha

2. "I must have cooked MAGGI goreng at least 16 times that week because of a bet"

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"I make the best MAGGI goreng. First I sauté onions, garlic, and chili padi. Then I add the MAGGI Noodles with the seasoning, and top it off with siew pak choy and telur mata

One day I made a bet with my sister's then-boyfriend that if he cleaned the whooooole kitchen, I would cook my MAGGI goreng for him anytime he wanted for a week. And he totally abused the system! OK, the system was flawed because I didn't give him limitations... hehe. I must have cooked MAGGI goreng at least 16 times that week. Still delicious though!"

- Ihsan

3. "I always order my extra yummy MAGGI goreng after a night out"

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"I only eat MAGGI goreng from one particular mamak in SS15. Somehow theirs is extra yummy and I've yet to find anywhere else that can make it the same way. My best friend and I always go there after concerts or any other late-night events.

We'll both order 'MAGGI goreng tak nak sayur and ayam goreng potong', then spend the rest of the night talking and laughing over whatever event we had just attended."

- Gowri

4. "MAGGI Noodles has always been a comfort food for me... regardless of where I am in the world"

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"I lived abroad most of my life so whenever my parents had friends visiting from Malaysia, they would always tumpang packets of MAGGI Noodles. These were a real treat for me because I was a pretty fussy kid, and didn't really like typical Malaysian food like nasi lemak and anything that was smelly. Yep, I was pretty spoiled.

I fondly remember seeing those old MAGGI Noodles ads on my grandma's TV - the one of the little boy slurping his noodles and then raising his bowl to his face to EFFICIENTLY drink the remaining sup. I always strived to do those same motions whenever I had a nice, cozy bowl of MAGGI Kari. MAGGI Noodles has always been a comfort food for me, and it always will be, regardless of where I am in the world."

- Danial

5. "MAGGI goreng mamak with telur mata was our first date food"

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"I was on a very stressful, one-week work trip to Singapore with colleagues. One of the guys and I started hanging out a lot, just talking and being silly. I told him that I was craving MAGGI goreng mamak and couldn't wait to get home.

When we got back to Malaysia, he belanja me MAGGI goreng with telur mata at a nearby mamak. I guess that was our first date. Heehee. We've been married 5 years now!"

- Laila

6. "I was so homesick I sniffed a packet of MAGGI Noodle for five minutes"

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"I didn't have MAGGI Noodle for quite a long time when I studied in UK. One day I was at the Asian supermarket and I found MAGGI Noodles. I was SO EXCITED. This sounds weird but I honestly stood there sniffing it for 5 minutes...just breathing in the packet... before buying it. Ahhh... MAGGI Noodle just feels like home, you know?

I cooked my MAGGI Noodle as per instructions on the packet, added an egg at the last moment for an oozy yolk, and it was the most comforting bowl of hot noodles I have ever had." 

- Jia Vern

7. "We brought own stash of MAGGI Noodle to camp and ate it in secret"

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"When I was much younger, my friends and I would go to Genting once a year for our church camp. The food there was always terrible. Cold and yucky! 

But we'd always look forward to bringing our own stash of MAGGI Noodle. We'd cook it late at night and makan together when our parents were asleep. Hahaha. I have such great memories of us crowding over our bowls and slurping MAGGI Noodles, acting like we were so cool." 

- Ruxyn

8. "My aunty taught me how to cook big batches of MAGGI goreng while keeping the veg green and firm"

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"I've always been mesmerised by my aunty's MAGGI goreng because she would cook HUGE batches and it always tasted amazing. When I was finally old enough, she taught me the recipe and I use it to treat my housemates once in a while ;)

First, sauté onions until caramelised, then throw in your protein (chicken, fish cake, shrimp, whatever you want). After that, add bean sprouts, choy sum, cabbage, carrot, and goreng until everything is cooked. Set that aside.

Next, sauté garlic and chili padi until wangi, then add pre-soaked MAGGI Noodle, kicap hitam, light soy sauce, oyster sauce, and MAGGI curry powder. Mix it all together. Add the proteins and veg back with the MAGGI noodles and you're all set! It's THE BEST MAGGI GORENG."

- Jeremy

9. "The first meal I had when I got back to Malaysia was MAGGI Noodles!"

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"I went for a work trip to Dubai for a week. It was wonderful! But when I touched down in Malaysia, it was late and I was hungry, and I knew what I wanted as my first meal - MAGGI NOODLE! There’s really nothing like the distinctive curry flavour. It’s a wholly Malaysian experience."

- Alyssa

Whether you like it soupy or goreng, MAGGI Noodles have that confem Malaysian taste

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Easy to make and delicious to eat, there's no denying that MAGGI noodles have a special place in our homes

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