This Japanese Eatery In TTDI Serves Dazzling Sushi Omakase And Glistening Wagyu Cuts

Worth every penny, and they'll still have you crawling back for more!

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Located in the ever-booming area of TTDI comes a new sushi omakase restaurant that's dynamic in flavour and flare

A staple that is already familiar to those looking for the eatery, spot Aburii by their neon-lit samurai foxes that greet you as you enter the two-storey restaurant.

Distinct from other Japanese restaurants we've graced in the past, the charm of Aburii can be seen in their multitude of dining areas that make you feel like you're sashaying past multiple okiyas in search of the best sushi TTDI has to offer. 

Translated to mean "flame seared", Aburii has taken the class and etiquette for a grand dining experience, and elevated it to a chic and sophisticated environment that excites you immediately upon entry. 

Using the innovation of flame searing prime pieces to create a myriad of textures, Aburii has seamlessly amalgamated yakiniku (a Japanese term for grilled meat) with pieces of aburi sushi, without compromising their twists and innovation to this evolving cuisine.

Besides the vivid and pristine sashimi bar and the dim tenebrous yakiniku stations downstairs, head upstairs for additional yakiniku grills, and a mini-sake bar that transports you to 1940s Japan.

We recently paid a visit to Aburii, and tried their Special Omakase Yorokobi (RM580), that culminated in a fusion of decadent and bold flavours

Hardly an overestimation, every piece of the omakase was delectable and unfathomably delicious. Ultimately, it is by the opinion of this SAYS writer that there really wasn't a particular favourite — every dish served was of the highest quality, and divine from start to finish.

Opening the tasting session was a three-of-a-kind appetiser in the form of okaeri with tuna belly and foie gras. The second dish was the sazae, hand-formed sushi set gently in a sliced turban shell, which was then "grilled" by a lit flame beneath it.

We then continued with their illusive Sashimi Box, which consisted of five kinds of sashimi. Opening the box, our sushi was presented on a voluminous cloud of fog that practically floated to us. It then carried over to a serving of engawa, tuna toro topped with a slice of bluefin tuna.

Image via SAYS
Image via SAYS

A visual treat, here's a tease for those who wonder what the Sushi Box looks like when presented:

The pristine ochazuke fish soup was up next, somewhat of a warm and soothing broth as relief for what we had thus far. Next was an exquisite serving of anago sushi, otherwise known as salt-water eel, that was simmered lightly for a tender carve.

We then tasted Aburii's special hand roll, that was laid out on a curved plate, somewhat a discerning fashion for the convenience of patrons.

A true standout, and star of the dozen thus far would have to be the lean slice of wagyu dressed with a generous amount of uni and a side of raw egg sauce. Glistening on our plate, the light spread of egg sauce on this deconstructed masterpiece was a fine dining piece for certain.

Image via SAYS
Image via SAYS

Colourful in presentation, we carried on with the signature Aburii Cholesterol Burger, which consisted of ikura, otoro, uni, and truffle, seamlessly encapsulated in a heart-shaped Japanese cracker. The final savoury piece was the sweet shrimp soup, hearty and lavish overall.

Image via SAYS

Closing off the omakase set was Aburii's dessert of the week, which consisted of a silky mango mousse and creamy coconut ice cream.

Image via SAYS

A stylistic and iridescent feature for the dessert was the addition of edible glitter that brought some sparkle to our eyes!

Can you spot it below?

Alternatively, you can also order from their extensive à la carte menu if you feel like mixing things around

A knee-slapper from the very beginning, we were served the 'Sugar Daddy', a savoury ice cream that consisted of raw beef and a special secret sauce. We then followed up with the Shima Aji Tataki, which is essentially a half grilled buri (yellowtail), with an orange hued smoke sauce for balance.

Standing out from the crowd for all the right reasons, Aburii's charcoal fried chicken was shimmering under the dim light. With gold exteriors painted on the outside, cut into a moist and succulent piece of meat for sensational flavours. The foie gras unagi was also a captivating piece, described as a Japanese mini-pizza of sorts.

Image via SAYS
Image via SAYS

Here's a little tease of the 'Sugar Daddy' being layered effortlessly, building up to a subtle explosion of flavours:

Carrying on with their signature tiger prawns, each piece was drenched in garlic tobiko aioli, that melted like butter off our spoons. It was hard to imagine that the grilled salted eel with spicy apricot was just as scrumptious, making it difficult to resist licking our plates clean.

The barbecue servings as part of the yakiniku were sublime in every sense of the word. We were served A5 cuts from start to finish, reflecting on the quality of service provided by Aburii. The first plate consisted of grilled wagyu topped with truffle seaweed. Arguably at best, this was the highlight of our meal. We then proceeded to the chuck ribeye with raw garlic, that was juicy and textured to perfection. 

None like we've ever tried before, Aburii's A5 cuts of wagyu was one of the ultimate items you cannot leave off your order during a visit.

Image via SAYS
Image via SAYS

With a front seat at the sushi bar, this was our view watching our chef char the premium slices of wagyu:

A cleanser of sorts for all the items we've had thus far, their double boil tuna toro soup, brewed for four hours, was served with no additives or minerals (not even salt or pepper), and still tasted impeccable and robust. We then had a humble, but delicious, bowl of mentaiko rice, that is everything you'd expect it to be.

Somewhat a fusion of East and West, their Aburii truffle fries with signature tangy mayo was drizzled in seaweed. This seamlessly carried through to their wagyu gyoza dumpling, that was aromatic and piquant.

Image via SAYS
Image via SAYS

Ending our tasting session with a bang, we got a little treat with a slice of Muskmelon. Fleshy, sweet, soft, and juicy, there was nothing better than this refreshing fruit to end our review.

For a little kick, courtesy of our chef for the evening, a light sprinkle of whiskey was added to the top for a bourgeois conclusion.

Image via SAYS

From beginning to end, every item on the menu at Aburii was a surefire hit, making this irrefutably, the best review we've had thus far

Aburii did not disappoint in the slightest. When we stepped into the divine eatery, we knew we were in for a treat — but our expectations were quickly surpassed. On our behalf, we'd like to specifically thank Chef Edwin, for a dining experience we'll never forget.

While we were stuffed silly by the end of our omakase and à la carte savours, we were made aware that Aburii is slowly expanding on their menu in time to come. Among these include the addition of a special lunch menu, that serves an array of sushi and their signature yakiniku. Click here to find out more information on this menu.

The entire experience immersed us into Japanese excellence, and while Aburii has only been up and running for the past couple of months, we're certain this eatery will go far if given a little more time on the scene.

Image via SAYS

Here's where you can find Aburii:

5, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 7, Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.

Operating hours
6pm-11pm (Tuesday to Sunday).
Closed on Monday.

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