Malaysia's First NFT-Themed Ice Cream Parlour Just Opened In Sunway Pyramid

You can even display your own NFT art on their LED-display screens!

Cover image via Crème De La Crème (Provided to SAYS)

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A collaborative space that immerses you into all things NFT, Crème De La Crème celebrates artistic desserts only imaginable in your dreams

Changing the game of dessert and digital art, Crème De La Crème (CDLC) has opened Malaysia's first NFT-themed ice cream parlour in Sunway Pyramid.

Known as an abbreviation for 'non-fungible tokens', NFTs are a form of financial security that is linked to digital assets, such as videos and images. Minted as collectable items, avatars in games, and even as certificates to prove ownership of property, NFTs are recognisable items in a burgeoning virtual world that is garnering rapid traction. 

Entering CDLC, transport yourself into a world of these popular blue-chipped NFTs (which are essentially NFTs that are stable and well-established) that belong to the parlour, including those both timeless and trendy. Some of the most exclusive ice cream flavours are named after, and inspired by some of the most popular NFTs to date.

Using 100% all-natural fresh premium ingredients sourced worldwide, all of the items at CDLC have no preservatives, colourings, or artificial flavouring

We were lucky enough to try some of these flavours, and see for ourselves the true extent of the textures that live behind their unique names.

One of the first ice creams we tried was CryptoPunk. Inspired by the alien-skin blue-chipped NFT, CryptoBunk #5822, this NFT sold for a record-breaking USD23.7 million dollars (approximately RM104.8 million ringgit). This creamily rich ice cream is handcrafted from Australian cream cheese ice cream, swirled with Butterfly Pea Flower ice cream, and decadently decked with burnt cheesecake chunks.

Bored Ape, on the other hand, is made from French milk chocolate ice cream, swirled with caramelised bananas and freshly baked chocolate crumble. Luscious to the scoop, this item had a demure palette that was anything but boring.

Using only natural ingredients, Doodles was a pastel gob made from lychee sorbet, peach sorbet, Madagascar vanilla ice cream, and Butterfly Pea Flower that was light and refreshing to the taste buds.

Image via SAYS

With a wide selection of ice cream, there were a decently dedicated section of sorbets for those who are lactose intolerant.

Among those we tried was the Matcha Sugarcane, which consisted of Kyoto matcha and locally sourced sugar cane sorbet. Another refreshing item on the menu, the strong sensation of sugar cane somehow managed to make the sorbet juicy and delectable. 

But our favourite sorbet had to go to the, appropriately titled, Mi Amor. The raspberry, lychee, and French rose sorbet, was glistening in presence and heavenly in taste. 

Image via SAYS

But we couldn't leave without trying one of their best-selling handcrafted Petite Gâteau

Classically known as 'little cakes' in French, CDLC wasted no time in presenting to us an elevated and sophisticated version of this traditional dessert. Made by the establishment themselves, we were presented one of their petite gâteau named Moonbirds.

Made using a coffee spice crumble exterior encapsulating mascarpone ice cream, the interior consisted of a layer of Kyoto matcha and coffee ice cream within the ensemble. There's even a handcrafted owl that sits on the cake that resembles a log.

Packing a punch in the caffeine department, the mini cake was truly exquisite in presentation and texture. Soft and delicate, the multifaceted flavours of ice cream amalgamated to create a burst of flavour within our mouths. If not as a great tea-time snack, we'd gladly have a slice at every hour of the day.

Image via SAYS

Here's a sneak peek as to what it looked like once we cut into the confection:

But it doesn't end there! Other creatively designed petite gâteau also include a Beauty and The Beast inspired rose, minions from Despicable Me, and a whole nasi lemak ice cream!

Beyond admiring the blue-chipped NFTs at the parlour, patrons can share their personal pieces with CDLC to be exhibited on their LED-display screens

Speaking to the founder of CDLC, Lio Lim, she embellished on how the parlour intends to organise and host events surrounding topics relating to NFT. This includes bringing in various NFT thought leaders, and fan communities, to become active players in sharing the knowledge and understanding ideas relating to the budding theories of crypto space.

"It is conceptualised with the NFT- enthusiasts in mind where they can chill, hold meet-ups, and share their love for NFTs with like-minded members of the community."

She believes that their latest branch in Sunway Pyramid will be the kickstarter for the dawn of a community just catching up to Malaysian society, "We are proud to lead the way in the ice cream industry to promote and integrate digital assets against an F&B backdrop."

Easter Petite Gâteau collection.

Image via Crème De La Crème (Provided to SAYS)

Here's where you can find Crème De La Crème:

G1.85, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, 3,
Jalan PJS11/15, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya.

Operating hours:
10am-10pm (Daily).

Other outlets are open in Uptown Damansara, Taipan USJ, Setia City Mall, and George Town in Penang. Visit their social media pages for more information.

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