This Malaysian Medicinal Chemistry Grad Made A Macaron Empire With Artistic Designs

Described as artisanal macarons, these designs make the delicious treats look like they came out of a Disney Pixar movie!

Cover image via @pinkeggbakery (Instagram)

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From bright colours to cute animals, shapes of flowers and even holiday-related themes, Pink Egg's macarons will expand your taste palette

The face behind Pink Egg, Chloe Tang, has taken her skills in chemical formulae and created a bakery of macarons that are artistic and flavourful

Before creating sweet treats in the kitchen, Chloe Tang was an undergraduate student majoring in Medicinal Chemistry at Monash University. 

Picking up baking as a hobby in 2020, Chloe described how she started off test-baking recipes, and then grew to test two to three recipes in one day. Though Pink Egg holds macarons as their current staple, Chloe disclosed how macarons weren't the first things she started baking.

"After trying Chateraises' cream puff[s], I entered my Japanese cream puff phase. Since I was baking multiple batches each day to practise the techniques and tweak the recipe to my liking, I ended up with loads of cream puffs," said Chloe in her interview with SAYS.

"I couldn't finish the puffs all by myself, so I started giving them to my friends. Around the same time, I also created an Instagram account to document the stuff I would bake."

Chloe noted how the pandemic gave her an opportunity to move towards creating artisanal macarons

Shortly after Malaysia went into lockdown, an Instagram influencer sought out dessert recommendations. Knowing of her cream puffs personally, someone recommended Chloe's creations to her.

"She then shared the recommendations with her followers via Instagram story, and people started messaging me, asking for cream puffs. That's how Pink Egg started!" exclaimed Chloe.

Soon after that, Chloe decided to start making macarons. What many would consider a perfectionists' job, she described the amount of work it took to create the masterpiece.

"It took me three to four months to reach the point where I felt comfortable with selling the macarons as a product."

Calling them "Thicc Macs", these Korean-styled macarons have thicker fillings, and are chewier than your typical French macarons

Many factors come into play when Chloe comes up with patterns and designs exhibited on her macarons.

"Sometimes I [would] research and develop the flavours first, then proceed to design the macarons according to the flavours. Other times, I'll have designs ready, then come up with a suitable flavour profile," Chloe described to this SAYS writer.

From brainstorming to creating mood boards for comprehensive ideas, Chloe even elaborated on finding inspiration online, "I will look at colour palettes, shapes, and illustrations related to the theme I'm working on."

Fitting for any season, new variations of these macarons are released during certain annual festivities

Whether it's Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween, or Chinese New Year, you can't resist getting these macarons for your loved ones! 

As they are seasonal, be reminded that they may not be available all year round.

Having made tens of thousands of macarons thus far, Pink Egg's achievements have only just begun

Describing her accomplishments, Chloe noted that joining a 12-day pop-up event at 1 Utama last Christmas has been her greatest success.

"It was my first time joining a pop-up event that was longer than a day, so it was challenging having to figure out the baking schedule and making sure there [was] enough stock at the booth."

With so many other plans in the future, Chloe hopes Pink Egg will grow to become a dessert cafe, with other products being displayed alongside her signature macarons.

Chloe (centre) at the One Utama Pop-Up Event

Image via Pink Egg Bakery (Provided to SAYS)

Accepting orders as of today, don't miss your chance to get a Pink Egg OG box that's making its grand return

For RM55, each box comes with six different flavoured Thicc Macs. Those flavours include lemon curd, salted caramel, matcha, cookies n' cream, black sesame and dark chocolate

With a generous display, and more ideas coming Chloe's way, Pink Egg's success has just begun.

Don't miss out on these delicious treats. Find Pink Egg Bakery on Instagram.

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