[VIDEO] Can Malaysians Guess What's In The KFC Zero Chicken Burger?

"You know they say crocodile tastes like chicken?"

Cover image via SAYS (YouTube)

Gais, have y'all heard that KFC has a new Zero Chicken Burger? :O

It is a plant-based and meatless burger that packs all the wonderful goodness of Colonel’s secret recipe of 11 Herbs and Spices.

We just had to try it for ourselves! But of course, cannot just try like that lah, hehehe, there's always a twist ;)

Not only did we make our colleagues try it blindfolded, they also didn't actually know what they were eating and had to guess the ingredients!

Watch the full video below to see what went down:

It was all fun and games at first, with Gwen and Nicky just happily nomming away on the yummy burger

Image via SAYS (YouTube)

Gwen: "Oh my god!"

Nicky: "Mmm, it's spicyyyyy!"

Gwen: "Oh my god, that's so good! Like actually so good!""

Nicky: "OMG, it really is."


So, of course, we had to mess with their minds a bit muahahahaha ;)

Image via SAYS (YouTube)

Producer: "Y'know, they say crocodile tastes like chicken..."

Gwen: "Shut... shut up."

Nicky: "No way lah! Come on!"

Gwen: "It's like weird, like kangaroo or something."

Nicky: "Ewwwww!"

But issokai, we told them the truth in the end and they were shooookk at how the meatless patty tasted exactly like chicken

Image via SAYS (YouTube)

Nicky: "It looks like chicken..."

Gwen: "It tastes like chicken!"

Nicky: "If I gave it to you, and like, I didn't tell you what it was, you'd think it's chicken."

Gwen: "I wouldn't even know! Like... yeah. It's like 'winner winner chicken dinner' but without the chicken!"

In collaboration with meat substitute brand Quorn, The KFC Zero Chicken Burger carries a halal-certified meat-free patty

The patty is high in protein, high in fibre, low in saturated fat, and contains no cholesterol.

In addition to the meat-free patty that's coated in KFC's secret recipe of 11 Herbs and Spices and fried to golden perfection, the burger is also topped with a slice of cheese and freshly shredded lettuce, as well as drizzled with Spicy BBQ sauce and mayonnaise, all between a toasted sesame bun. Enjoy 100% Original Recipe satisfaction in every bite, mmmmm!

Although the KFC Zero Chicken Burger is meant for KFC lovers to enjoy a meat-free burger, it is neither vegan nor vegetarian. This is because it is freshly prepared with the same cooking equipment used to prepare other KFC products.

Enjoy it à la carte or in a combo with Crispier Fries and a beverage, starting from only RM12.99

The burger will only be available in KFCs nationwide for a limited time only and while stocks last, so you gotta hurry and try it before it's gone!

Get the KFC Zero Chicken Burger contactless with Self Collect or Delivery via KFC App. Also available for Takeaway and Drive-Thru from your nearest KFC.

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