16 Local Ice Cream & Gelato Shops In KL & PJ That Deliver Right To Your Doorstep

Mmm, ice cream. Our best company while we stay at home. <3

Cover image via @wakawaka.gelato (Instagram) & @thelastpolka (Instagram)

1. Inside Scoop

Inside Scoop is known for their wide range of local and Western ice cream flavours with added twists. Plus, if you want something warm to pair with your favourite scoops, they have buttermilk and charcoal waffles. 

There are numerous branches across Klang Valley. You can make your orders on their website or through GrabFood. 

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2. Waka Waka Gelato

Waka Waka Gelato churns their ice cream with pure ingredients, while continually adding new flavours with creative and local twists to their list. Many love their ice cream for its dense texture and natural flavours.

During this MCO period, the scoop shop delivers different flavours daily for orders made before 1pm. You can drop them a message on Instagram to order. 

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3. Piccoli Lotti

Piccoli Lotti means "small batches", which is essentially the brand's aim in crafting fresh gelato with pure ingredients in small quantities. A few popular flavours include Pulut Tai Tai, Durian, Pistachio, and Rocky 'O'.

Since its establishment, Piccoli Lotti now has four branches – three of them in the Klang Valley and one in Johor Bahru. 

You can make your orders on Beepit. Don't be surprised if you take forever to decide which flavour to try, as they have over 30 different flavours to choose from. :p 

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4. One More Scoop

Fancy one more scoop of ice cream? Hehe.

One More Scoop is a new homegrown brand that churns rich and fresh gelato. Plus, they have unique flavours like Salted Peanut Butter, Hokkaido Black Sesame, and Peachy Oolong you should try. 

If you wanna level up your Chinese New Year game, they have a new festive flavour you can order – Mandarin Orange with Sunflower Seeds. 

You can make your orders via Whatsapp.

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5. The Ice Cream Bar

The Ice Cream Bar serves yummy, artisanal ice cream, but with a twist – it comes infused with alcohol. Of course, The Ice Cream Bar has non-alcoholic ice cream, but the star of the show is their alcohol-infused ones, which contains hard liquor like whiskey, rum, Bailey's, and more. 

P.S. Did you know The Ice Cream Bar is formed by the same group behind Inside Scoop? 

You can order your ice cream via GrabFood. 

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6. Kind Kones

Can't take dairy? Kind Kones serves all-natural vegan ice creams and desserts, and are free from additives and emulsifiers.

Kind Kones strives to churn healthier and vegan ice creams without compromising on taste.

You can make your orders on their website. They have over 20 different flavours to choose from, whether in the form of sorbet or ice cream.

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7. Sangkaya

If you're all about coconuts, Sangkaya is known for their coconut milk-based ice cream, usually topped with crushed peanuts for added texture. In other words, it's also great for those who are lactose intolerant. 

Of course, Sangkaya also churns their coconut milk ice cream with a variety of different local flavours like teh tarik, gula melaka, and durian you should definitely try.

Sangkaya is available on GrabFood. 

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8. Whimsical Gelateria

Whimsical Gelateria uses fresh and natural ingredients to churn their gelato. What's cool is they're probably one of the few gelato stores that offer alcoholic creations.

A few years ago, the local gelato store won an award for one of their creations – Vanilla of the East. However, the award-winning flavour isn't always available, so keep an eye out for when it returns.

You can get your ice cream delivered by ordering through Whatsapp, GrabFood, Beepit, or AirAsia Food. 

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9. The Last Polka

The Last Polka is not only known for their rich, indulgent ice cream, but also for their interesting, unique flavours that sit well with Malaysians.

Additionally, they do have vegan options as well. Or if you're looking for something to spice up your ice cream game, try their best seller – Rum & Raisin (contains alcohol). 

You can get your ice cream delivered via Beepit

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10. Fatbaby Ice Cream

Fatbaby Ice Cream's fan favourite flavour – Honey, I'm Home!

Image via @fatbaby_icecream (Instagram)

Fatbaby Ice Cream offers a wide variety of special flavours every week, in addition to their classic flavours. If the plethora of ice cream leaves you spoilt for choice, try their fan favourite, Honey, I'm Home!

You can also pair your ice cream with their freshly-made or frozen waffles, or try their ice cream sundae kit. 

Do take note that Fatbaby Ice Cream operates from Wednesday to Sunday. 

You can make your orders via Beepit or AirAsia Food. 

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11. 88KETO

On a diet, but craving for something sweet? 88KETO boasts zero-to-little-sugar, keto-friendly ice creams. In other words, you can finally binge on ice creams guilt-free.

88KETO serves different options of healthy ice creams. From zero-sugar, non-dairy ice creams to coconut-based, and low-carb ice creams, there are options for all. 

You can make your orders on their website or via Whatsapp or Instagram.

Contact number:

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12. Crème De La Crème

Crème De La Crème delivers their artisanal ice creams in cute, see-through tubs that look heavenly. 

They have different tub sizes, going from as low as RM15.90, and a wide range of ice cream flavours with local and Western twists. 

Plus, they have ice cream bundles, so you can order different flavours to try. Order via Beepit

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13. Softsrve

Like its name, Softsrve churns artisanal, decadent soft serve.

However, since soft-serve ice creams are less dense and melt faster, they must be eaten on the spot. But don't fret, as Softsrve now delivers your favourite ice cream flavours, in 'hard hard' form instead. Many still love and adore the 'hard hard' ice cream tubs. 

You can make your orders via Beepit

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14. Chill U Up Dessert House

Chill U Up Dessert House makes artisanal gelato in small quantities to ensure that each flavour stays fresh. Additionally, they strive to churn gelatos that are less sweet than your usual gelatos.

A few flavours the scoop shop recommends are their D24 Durian Gelato, Earl Grey Lemongrass, Triple Cheese, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Vietnamese Coffee.

They do deliveries to selected locations in Klang Valley. Do Whatsapp or DM them to enquire if they cover your area.

Contact number: 

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15. Merry Ice Cream

First established in Penang, Merry Ice Cream (previously known as Merry Me Ice Cream), now delivers in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, and Johor. 

Unlike other scoop shops, Merry Ice Cream does not have any outlets but you can get their ice creams at selected stores or online. If you're looking for healthier options, Merry Ice Cream has sorbets too. 

You can order through their website.

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16. IDC

Image via IDC (Facebook)
Image via IDC (Facebook)
Image via IDC (Facebook)

IDC churns a variety of different ice creams. Whether you want something rich, healthy, or some good alcoholic treat, they have it all.

What's also cool is IDC also serves a wide range of great ice creams from different brands you usually can't find in most supermarkets and convenience stores. And believe us when we tell you that there are just so many flavours to choose from.

You can get your ice cream tubs delivered via Whatsapp or Beepit.

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