Khairulaming's Ramadan Drink Recipe Video Sells Out Ingredients In Supermarkets

Call that "impact."

Cover image via @khairulaming (Instagram) & @khairulaming (Twitter)

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Food content creator Khairul Amin Kamarulzaman is back for a sixth year with his 30 Hari 30 Resepi series for Ramadan, where he shares one simple recipe a day in the form of short videos

Khairul Amin, who is popularly known as Khairulaming, is famous for his tantalising recipe videos, began the series back in 2017. The series gained instant popularity for its simple instructions and ingredients that can already be found in one's kitchen.

The influencer made 30 Hari 30 Resepi an annual series during Ramadan, so people could follow and enjoy one delicious recipe every day during the fasting month.

This year, the series kicked off with four drink recipes for buka puasa: Longan Chrysanthemum Tea, Orange Juice Soda, Lychee Sirap Bandung, and Gula Melaka Coconut Shake.

Khairul's iconic "Hey, what's up guys" preceded a montage of thirst-quenching drinks, testing the patience of fasting followers everywhere.

Check out the video here:

Following the video, Malaysians were quick to work finding the ingredients to make the delicious drinks in time for breaking fast

Ingredients to make the drinks featured in the video, particularly for the Longan Chrysanthemum Tea, flew off shelves the very same day, with Malaysians dubbing it the 'Khairul Aming Fever.'

Twitter users shared images of their supermarkets and grocery stores with aisles of chrysanthemum tea, tins of longans, and asam boi being clear of produce.

Some users also shared how their family members suddenly reached out to buy very specific ingredients, knowing well where the influence came from

"No wonder my mom suddenly asked me to go look for chrysanthemum tea and longans, I was confused as to what drink she wanted to make. The grip Khairul Amin has on mothers everywhere is just [strong]", one user wrote.

Another shared a text from his wife, "My wife texted me telling me to buy these ingredients, I know what the cause is."

One user's grandfather expressed his confusion as to why the longans at his neighbourhood grocery store were suddenly sold out.

"My grandfather said the tins of longans he always ate were suddenly sold out at the grocery store. He said it has never sold out before, and suddenly it's doing well. Is this because of Khairul Amin?"

Last year, Khairul won praises for opening a factory for his Sambal Nyet business in his hometown, Kelantan:

If cooking's not your thing but you still want good food for buka puasa, check out these bazaars guaranteed to satisfy your hunger:

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