This Bangsar Restaurant Lets You Have A 'Kampung' Iftar Without Leaving Home

Dubbed 'Pantai Timur' and 'Pantai Barat', these sets pay homage to food that is popular in those regions but with a twist.

Cover image via Knowhere (Provided to SAYS)

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Ramadan is finally here!

To celebrate, Knowhere in Bangsar has decided to come up with a special never-before-seen set menu which has us drooling.

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For those wondering, yes, Knowhere is popularly known as a bar that serves alcoholic drinks.

However, they've assured us that the kitchen is pork-free and only uses halal ingredients!

Dubbed the 'Berbuka di Kota', their latest menu features two different sets inspired by different parts of Malaysia

While we live in an unprecedented time with a virus spreading within our community, it might be hard to feel festive joy while being separated from loved ones.

However, these sets are perfect as it'll give you a taste of kampung food, wherever you are.

They are only available via delivery or takeaway. This means that you won't have to worry about dining out and can stay safe at home.

Named 'Pantai Timur' and 'Pantai Barat', these sets pay homage to the food that is popular in those regions while Knowhere's chef adds his personal flair to elevate the dishes further.

Each set comes in a huge box with eight different dishes inside, meant to feed up to four people.

In the Pantai Timur set, you'll find two rice dishes, nasi jasmin bunga telang and nasi dagang

These rice dishes are accompanied by other lauk, such as pais ikan siakap, ayam perchik, harimau menangis bakar, and kerabu mangga urap kelapa.

One of our favourites from this set has got to be the pais ikan siakap.

Pais is a dish native to Pahang and Knowhere's version features barramundi fish cooked in banana leaf parcels with turmeric and coconut. The fish is fresh and it acts as a wonderful vehicle for the spicy yet creamy gravy.

Another notable dish is the set's harimau menangis bakar.

This dish actually hails from Thailand but has gained popularity here in Malaysia. Knowhere's version features an entire steak fillet which is perfectly cooked on the outside while being soft and pink in the middle. The sauce that comes with it is tangy and spicy, however, it has way more tamarind than the usual harimau menangis sauce. If you're into sweet, sour, and spicy flavours, then this is definitely for you.

Meanwhile, the Pantai Barat set comes with pulut kuning and nasi minyak

Both of these are usually eaten during festivities and celebrations such as weddings and birthdays but there is no harm in making your buka puasa a bit special.

The side dishes that come with this set are ayam salai lemak podeh, kari kambing, siakap botok-botok, and pacheri nenas.

You'll notice that this set also comes with fish, chicken, meat, and a savoury fruit dish. My personal favourite from the Pantai Barat set has got to be the ayam salai lemak podeh, inspired by the traditional Negeri Sembilan dish with the same name.

Knowhere has featured something similar in their previous Hari Kebangsaan menu and I love it just the same. It's super spicy and the chicken is cooked to perfection. It's soft and easily falls off the bone.

On the other hand, my colleagues who got the chance to try the set with me said that they really enjoyed the kari kambing. The curry has a nice consistency with just the right amount of spice.

Both sets come with a serving of ulam accompanied with an assortment of sambal as well as a variety of traditional kuih such as bingka ubi, kuih lapis, and seri muka

Image via SAYS

They've also added a nice touch where you'll get a beautifully illustrated postcard along with your food.

For its price, it's definitely worth a try

Each set for four pax is priced at RM178.60, which means that it will come up to less than RM50 a person.

The Ramadan menu is available throughout the fasting month from 13 April until 12 May and the last day you can place an order is on 7 May.

For those who are outside of Kuala Lumpur, fret not! Knowhere offers delivery services to areas as far as Putrajaya, Shah Alam, and Rawang at a fee.

To order, just reach them through WhatsApp at +6010-2202358.

For more information, check out their Facebook and Instagram.

50, Jalan Maarof,
59100 Bangsar,

Operating hours:
Daily (11am - 12am)

Knowhere has always uplifted local cuisine and while adding their own twist:

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