This Restaurant In Bangsar Is Serving 14 New Dishes Inspired By Different Malaysian States

National Day plans, anyone?

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In conjunction with National Day and Malaysia Day, Knowhere in Bangsar has decided to come up with a special never-before-seen menu which has got us drooling

Although Knowhere is popularly known as a bar that serves alcoholic drinks, they've assured us that the kitchen is pork-free and only uses halal ingredients.

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Dubbed the 'Cita Rasa Gemilang', their latest menu features 14 different dishes inspired by each state in Malaysia.

We tried every single one of them and here are our thoughts:

1. Pearl Of The Orient - Penang

For ages, Penang has been referred to as the Pearl of the Orient or Pulau Mutiara (Island of Pearls), and what's a better way to represent that than with oysters? This dish features fresh oysters under a blanket of fluffy eggs and baked cheese seasoned to perfection.

Price: RM32.80

2. Cone Inchi Kabin - Melaka

Traditional Peranakan cuisine but with a twist! The Cone Inchi Kabin is an amazing appetiser and it consists of Nyonya-style fried chicken marinated with over 10 spices and coconut milk, served in a crispy popiah cone along with a spicy garlic butter sauce drizzle.

Price: RM18.80

3. Bambootiful Char Siew - Selangor

This dish features deliciously juicy roasted char siu chicken paired with fragrant butter rice steamed inside bamboo. The sauce that comes with it packs quite a punch and definitely brings out all the flavours.

Price: RM25.80

4. Chicken Lomak Podeh - Negeri Sembilan

One of my personal favourites, the Chicken Lomak Podeh is everything a masak lemak cili api should be and more! It's spicy, creamy, and just oh so perfect. Plus, it is served with slightly crisp cocktail potatoes which adds an amazing layer of texture to the dish.

Price: RM28.80

5. Heaven Mee Kolok - Sarawak

The name already explains it. A spoonful of the angel hair pasta in this dish will instantly transport you to heaven. Just like the Bambootiful Char Siew, the noodles are served with char siu chicken. It's light on the tastebuds while being so filling at the same time.

Price: RM29.80

6. Inkredible Laksa - Johor

Another personal favourite, the Inkredible Laksa showcases squid ink pasta cooked in a delicious tangy broth. It also comes with a generous serving of tiger prawns, making it a true showstopper. 

Price: RM29.80

7. Pasta Laksam-Mana - Kelantan

In their menu, Knowhere dubs this dish as 'an appetising ode to fresh local ingredients'. The usual laksam flat noodles are replaced with al dente spaghetti and the creamy mackerel sauce is contrasted beautifully with some spicy sambal belacan salsa.

Price: RM19.80

8. Tuaran Grilled Calamari - Sabah

Sabah's biggest cities such as Kota Kinabalu are known for their busy seafood markets. Therefore, it's definitely apt to feature an entire Sabahan squid in this dish. The noodles, cooked with some eggs and vegetables, make a simple vehicle to carry the flavour of the calamari that has been grilled to perfection. Although this is the most expensive dish on the menu, it's definitely worth a try.

Price: RM35.80

9. Cheesy Lekor - Terengganu

The chefs at Knowhere sure know how to take familiar flavours and elevate them. There is definitely a strong fish taste in these keropok lekor, but that's how you know they're good! The cheese baked on top of them is not overpowering at all and the sauce that comes with the dish is sweet and spicy.

Price: RM19.80

10. Coconut Lempeng - Pahang

Coconut pancakes are native to the state Pahang but no one has ever made them this adorably bite-sized! It is more commonly known as a savoury dish but at Knowhere, they've transformed into a delightful dessert. The ice cream is refreshing and the Knowhere signature chocolate sauce really ties all the flavours together.

Price: RM19.80

11. Sushi Mempelam - Perlis

Perlis is famous for its mangoes and this dish is a refreshing take on the usual mango sticky rice. The coconut cream is light and this decadent dessert won't make you feel jelak at all.

Price: RM18.80

12. Tau-fruit Fah - Perak

According to their menu, this dish pays homage to the history of mining in Perak as it requires you to dig into the silky beancurd to unearth delicious nata de coco gems. Topped with gula Melaka syrup, this is perfect for those with a sweet tooth. 

Price: RM15.80

13. Bahulu Baby - Kedah

Made from soy milk, vanilla syrup, and vanilla foam, this drink really captures the essence of the light and airy kuih bahulu. It's both a dessert and a drink at the same time - think milkshake, but Malaysian!

Price: RM15.80

14. Pizza Tempeh Teratai

Last but not least, the Pizza Tempeh Teratai. This is the main star of their entire menu and it was meant to represent all the different cultures that come together to make Malaysia the place we've come to know and love.

This vegetarian dish features a crispy Italian-style thin crust pizza with dehydrated hibiscus, tempeh, and baked lotus root over a tomato base. We absolutely loved this pizza and think it will make a great celebratory dish for a National Day party with friends and loved ones.

Price: RM30.80

This menu is available now for a limited time only, so make sure to try it out before the Cita Rasa Gemilang campaign ends on 16 September

For more information, check out their Facebook and Instagram.

50, Jalan Maarof,
59100 Bangsar,

Operating hours:
Daily (11am - 12am)

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