Your Childhood Cough Syrup Is Now An Ice Cream Flavour In Malaysia

Who said ice cream isn't good for cough? :p

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Remember Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa/Ubat Batuk Cap Ibu Dan Anak – the herbal cough syrup your mother would give whenever you're sick?

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Following the trend of childhood ice cream flavours, a Malaysian ice cream catering service has now created ice cream infused with the traditional ubat!

Merry Me recently announced the release of its new flavour on 11 June.

"Now you can enjoy makan ice cream yang sedap to settle sore throat!", reads its caption.

Some of the other quirky flavours they sell include salted egg Oreo, tao sar piah, and kaya toast.

Based in Penang and KL, the online store delivers within both areas, including to Ipoh and Kampar

Each pint costs RM27.90 and delivery charges are RM8.

However, there is a current promotion - if you purchase four pints, you can get it all for RM95 total, inclusive of delivery fees.

To order, just drop them a message on Facebook or WhatsApp.


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