Attention, Folks! McD Brought Back The Thai Green Curry Burger Along With New Desserts

Can't go to Thailand? Let Thailand come to you.

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McDonald's Malaysia has been bringing back previous menu items lately and here's what I have to say:

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Say hello again to the Thai Green Curry Burger. We tried it for ourselves and we have got to say, it is absolutely delicious!

The burger comes with a deep-fried patty and mixed veggies served between a warm oblong bun.

However, the main highlight of this burger is the special Thai sauce. It's packed with a whole lot of spice and there's a tangy twist of kaffir lime to it. Thankfully, I had a tall glass of water to help me survive the heat.

McD previously only served the burger with a fish patty but this time around, you can opt for a chicken patty instead.

It is important to note that the Thai Green Curry Burger is not a permanent menu item. Once in a while, it shows up on the McD menu but we haven't seen it in years.

Besides that, McD is also rolling out a never-before-seen Pulut Hitam Santan Pie

Pulut hitam is no stranger to fellow Malaysians. The black glutinous rice is a common ingredient in local desserts. However, this is the first time we're seeing it in the form of a pie.

This new pie from McDonald's is made up of deep-fried pastry paired with some coconut milk and creamy pulut hitam.

It is rich and decadent, definitely the perfect warm dessert to top off any meal.

Meanwhile, ice cream lovers might be happy to hear that McDonald's also brought back their limited edition mango dessert line

The Mango McFlurry and Mango Sundae has made a comeback.

Treat yourself to McD's signature vanilla ice cream served with sweet mango swirls. Absolutely nothing can go wrong.

Available from 15 June onwards, you can get these items through McDelivery, drive-thru, or takeaway

Dining in is still unavailable at the moment. If you weren't able to try these the last time they were around, then now is the time.

Remember to practise social distancing if you choose to go out!

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