McDonald's Is Bringing Back The Samurai Burger Along With Brand New Melon Desserts

NSFP: Not Safe For Puasa.

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I want to shout it from the rooftops - McDonald's Malaysia is bringing back their legendary Samurai Burger!

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In case you've never had it before, it's served with a juicy grilled patty dipped in a layer of delicious Teriyaki sauce

You cannot go wrong with this masterpiece. It also comes with crunchy lettuce between a warm sesame seed bun. The burger is sweet and savoury and the flavours will blow you away.

This time, you can choose between beef or chicken options.

The Samurai Burger isn't exactly new. Once in awhile, it shows up on the McD menu but we haven't seen it in years.

Not only that, McD is also rolling out a bunch of brand new desserts.

First up is their new melon-flavoured ice cream.

There's a whole selection of different melon desserts to choose from.

On their website, they wrote, "Have your pick from Melon Sundae and Chocolate, Melon Choco Dip, Melon and Vanilla Cone, or Melon Cone! Fruity and sweet, this new dessert is going to be your next favourite treat!"

Just imagine having a taste of this on a scorching hot day.

Now, feast your eyes on the never-before-seen Yuzu Cream Cheese Pie

McDonald's Malaysia has been super creative lately with their pies. From cookies and cream to blueberry cheese, now they've come up with yet another new flavour.

If you're not familiar with yuzu, it's actually a citrus fruit that's used widely in desserts in countries such as Japan, China, and South Korea.

The pie is made up of deep-fried pastry paired with a sweet and tangy yuzu cream cheese filling.

It's the perfect warm dessert to top off any meal.

Last but not least, the Green Tea McFlurry is also making a comeback

Treat yourself to McD's signature vanilla ice cream served with matcha swirls. Absolutely nothing can go wrong.

Available from 14 May onwards, you can get these items through McDelivery, drive-thru, or takeaway

If you weren't able to try these the last time they were around, then now is the time. Remember to practise social distancing if you choose to go out!

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