McDonald's Just Rolled Out Brand New Blueberry Ice Cream And Cream Cheese Pie

Diet? What diet?

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If you have a sweet tooth, do I have some good news for you.
McDonald's now has a blueberry dessert series!

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Say hello to the all-new Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie

Just imagine their classic deep-fried pastry crust paired with a sweet and tangy blueberry cream cheese filling.

Made with real blueberry bits, this pie makes the perfect warm dessert to top off your meal.

Not only that, McD is also bringing back their Blueberry Sundae and McFlurry

For those who prefer cold desserts, this one is for you!

McDonald's classic vanilla ice cream is an amazing match for their blueberry syrup. The McFlurry version even comes with Oreo bits and it's the perfect snack to beat the Malaysian heat.

If you didn't get to try it the last time it was around, then now is the time

Available from 2 March, you can only get these desserts at McDonald's outlets in Peninsular Malaysia.

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McDonald's Malaysia has always been on point with their limited edition menu items. Have you tried these?

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