McDonald's Rolls Out New Burger With Chipotle Sauce And Never-Before-Seen Coffee Floats

Spicy burger? Ice cream and coffee? Count me in!

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Good news, everybody!

McDonald's Malaysia is back at it again with awesome new menu additions.

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Say hello to the Grand McChicken and Spicy McChicken

If you love McDonald's chicken burgers, you will be delighted to find out that the classic McChicken has just gotten a major upgrade.

The brand-new Grand McChicken comes with a juicy, succulent, extra large chicken patty paired with fresh mixed vegetables.

And to top it all off, the Grand McChicken is served with smoky Chipotle sauce.

Double Spicy McChicken (top) and McChicken Grand (bottom).

Image via Twitter @Ashril_92

For those who want an extra kick, you can opt for the Spicy McChicken. Just like the regular McChicken, it's served with tangy mayo and fresh lettuce. You can also get a double patty version if you're feeling bold.

Not only that, coffee fans can now top their drinks with some McD soft serve vanilla sundae

Try the never-before-seen Iced Latte Float and Iced Americano Float today at a McCafe near you.

The vanilla sundae really adds an extra dimension of flavour and you'll get to indulge in creamy delicious coffee.

These items are now available at McDonald's outlets across Malaysia

McD has yet to announce whether these new menu additions are available for a limited time only but you better try them while they're here!

You can find out more on the McDonald's Malaysia website.

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