McD Just Rolled Out A New Cookies & Cream Pie And 4 Other Menu Additions

RIP diet.

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Watch out, folks. There's a new McDonald's dessert in town!

Forget your diet, this one is worth it.

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Behold, the Cookies and Cream Pie

On 11 November, the McD Malaysia website announced that the new pie is now available at all McDonald's outlets in the country.

Made with real Oreo cookies, the chocolate-crusted pie is priced at RM3.95 each

We don't how long it'll be around, so better catch it while you can!

Besides that, McD is also spoiling us sweet-toothed Malaysians with new Nestum desserts

If you're a simple person like me, you'll definitely enjoy the rich Nestum and ice cream combo. But if you're feeling a little extra, go for the Nestum Chocolate McFlurry which comes with crunchy chocolate bits.

And for all you chocolate lovers, McD has got your back.

The Hershey's chocolate ice cream is no stranger to us, but the oreo McFlurry just got an upgrade.

You can now swap the regular vanilla ice cream base of an Oreo McFlurry to chocolate.

Alright, enough with desserts.

There's also a new beef burger on the menu.

Sesame bun, beef patty grilled to perfection, mushrooms, and creamy Swiss cheese sauce. What else do you need in a burger? 

The new Mushroom Cheese Melt Beef Burger sounds absolutely divine and I'm already salivating just thinking about it. 

Which one of these have you tried? Tell us in the comments!

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McD sure knows how to win Malaysians over. In August, they changed the sign at their Bukit Bintang outlet to 'Mekdi':

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