McDonald's Bukit Bintang Changed Their Sign To 'Mekdi' And We're Lovin' It

It’s also their 37th anniversary in Malaysia!

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In conjunction with Hari Kebangsaan and Malaysia Day, one McDonald’s branch changed their sign to their local nickname ‘Mekdi’

New Straits Times reported that the 'Mekdi' sign is now proudly displayed at the iconic Jalan Bukit Bintang branch on Tuesday, 20 August.

The particular outlet was chosen because it was the first ever McDonald's restaurant to open in Malaysia back in 1982.

Major throwback to their grand opening 37 years ago.

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The sign is also a tribute to Malaysians who have supported the brand and developed it to be the 'Mekdi' we know today

McDonald's Malaysia vice-president and chief marketing officer Melati Abdul Hai told New Straits Times that they're celebrating their 37th anniversary as a local company this year.

She said, "For the past 37 years, Malaysians have helped develop McDonald’s brand to what it is today. As an appreciation for their continuous support, we've decided to use the friendly nickname 'Mekdi', which is now synonymous with our brand."

In conjunction with the Merdeka month, McDonald's Malaysia has also introduced its own version of Nasi Lemak McD, which is quickly becoming a local favourite

Unlike the previous Nasi McD that was introduced back in April 2019, the Nasi Lemak McD does not come with a side of curry.  

On their website, McDonald's says that their Nasi Lemak McD is unmistakably Malaysian.

It comes with fragrant rice cooked with santan, crispy ikan bilis, fresh slices of cucumber, fried egg, and spicy, mouth-watering sambal.

Good one, Mekdi!

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Malaysians also loved it when McDonald's rolled out these billboards:

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