[PHOTOS] McD's Billboards Use Food To Highlight What Each Malaysian State Is Popular For

The campaign is part of McDonald's efforts to localise the brand.

Cover image via Food Porn Sabah on Facebook/Twitter @hazirahhanafi (Edited by SAYS)

New billboards by McDonald's have been turning heads for its ingenuity in recreating iconic Malaysian locations with its food

According to Advertising + Marketing Malaysia, the billboards were slowly rolled out across Malaysia in late April.

"It's part of our effort to really localise the brand here in Malaysia and touch our customers by being locally relevant," said McDonald's Malaysia marketing director Eugene Lee.

Take a look at how McDonald's is paying tribute to different states:

1. Selangor

Although not as colourful, McDonald's recreation of Batu Caves is a great effort - using just fries in its entirety.

Image via Twitter @shfaa_

The Stadium Shah Alam is pretty hilarious, though.

2. Kuala Lumpur

Fries + McDonald's sundae cone = perfect combo!

3. Perak

In Ipoh, the billboard cleverly recreates the iconic "Ipoh" sign using fries and nuggets, but adds on "Mari Tak Sombong" behind it to complete the state's famous tagline.

The gorgeous Taiping Lake Gardens also gets its own billboard, which bears the motif of an angsana tree.

4. Johor

The Johor billboard pays tribute to the state's beloved football team, the Johor Southern Tigers, and even bears their slogan "Luaskan Kuasamu".

5. Terengganu

Terengganu, which is home to multiple turtle sanctuaries, is - of course - given a turtle motif, cleverly recreated with a single nugget and barbecue dip.

6. Sabah

It makes perfect sense, because it's definitely a little chilly up there.

7. Kedah

As Kedah is the main producer of paddy in Malaysia, it is only fitting that its McDonald's billboard pays tribute to the "Rice Bowl of Malaysia".

8. Negeri Sembilan

Negeri Sembilan is commonly referred to by its abbreviation, "N9".

9. Penang

Image via Twitter @hfzamn

What is Penang without its iconic bridge? 

Which other billboards have you spotted? Share with us in the comments!

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