A Home Baker From Ipoh Made Petai Mooncakes And I'm Honestly Weirded Out But Also Curious

Petai... mooncakes...?

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From blueberry cheese and bak kwa to tom yum and sambal mooncakes, bakers and restaurants in Malaysia have come up with some pretty funky mooncake flavours over the years

Nyonya Sambal mooncake from Yong Sheng Gift Shop.

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Most recently, a home baker in Ipoh is garnering quite a bit of attention among foodie groups on Facebook for her - wait for it - petai mooncakes

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It looks like she came up with the idea in September 2018

We'll admit - we were a little weirded out by the idea in the beginning. However, we managed to get ahold of the baker, who told us the paste is made of potatoes, spices, and petai.

So, it's basically like curry puff but with mooncake pastry and chopped up petai. That doesn't sound too bad, actually! 

The baker came up with the petai creation in September 2018.

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The baker has also created a myriad of baked goods with petai fillings, such as paus, rice dumplings, and cucur udang

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Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

If you're interested to try it out, the petai mooncakes can be ordered via WhatsApp. They are priced at RM15 for two and RM28 for four. More details here:

Ipoh Jacky 2 RM 15.00 4 RM 28.00 2 RM 10.00 6 RM...

Posted by Chung Minnie on Sunday, 11 August 2019

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