McD Is Rolling Out New Items Such As Sweet Chilli Ayam Goreng And Crispy Fish Foldover

So many new goodies!

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Good news, everyone!

McDonald's Malaysia is rolling out several new menu additions in conjunction with Ramadan.

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Say hello to the never-before-seen Ayam Goreng McD with sweet chilli sauce

We all know how McDonald's is always at the top of the ayam goreng game. This time, they're taking it up a notch by introducing a sauce to go with their crunchy signature McD fried chicken.

The sweet chilli sauce is said to give an extra kick to the usual ayam goreng meal.

Being part of the McDonald's 'Indahnya Ramadan' promotion, it will only be available starting Friday, 24 April.

The Grilled Chicken Foldover is also back but this time it around, McDonald's is spoiling us with a new version.

I present to you, the Crispy Fish Foldover.

The Grilled Chicken Foldover is a regular item on McD's Ramadan menu but this is the first time we're seeing the Crispy Fish Foldover.

Both versions are now available through McDelivery at RM14.14.

The Nasi Lemak McD is here too. Paired with fried chicken, it makes the perfect meal for sahur or iftar!

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On top of that, a banana dessert series is now available at McD stores across Malaysia

Choose between the Banana Sundae, Chocolate Banana McFlurry, or the brand new Chocolate Banana Pie.

But hey, if you're feeling bold, why not try all three?

The Banana Sundae features vanilla ice cream with banana topping swirls while the McFlurry has an extra drizzle of chocolate sauce.

On the other hand, the pie is served with two different warm fillings inside a crispy chocolate crust.

Another highlight of McD's menu this Ramadan is their McCafe Kurma treats

Dates and the month of Ramadan come hand in hand. It's about time that McD incorporates kurma in their menu.

There are three refreshing drinks to choose from - Iced Kurma Latte, Iced Kurma Milk, and Iced Kurma.

We imagine that the rich decadent taste of kurma would complement these drinks beautifully.

According to the McDonald's Malaysia website, the drinks are made from real kurma extract and are currently available through McDelivery, drive-thru, or takeaway.

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